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Thomas Lowe Taylor -- HOMAGES Book I


1 (6.26.74)

For, align,
turns to turn,
below there are
some to send.

And short, between along.

There are some, going through, to
and where
broken toward the line,
as if, but lying aside,
To part.

But, I have, and where, but here
this ease and color of light.

Particles claim toward : the rescue
performed, ally & song : resist.

delight shadow's eye
hard at leases, or sent.

The specific: resolve to lend, alert.

The line, gone, toward, through, at.

And then lived,
spoke, to slide.
space to hold.
The solitudes.
Are. As.


From some wooden line

light's collapse, renewed in eye.

You are firm, root's claim, shore.
Thirsty to term, there-from, alight,
list & send, the utter domain,
And slow, to turn, & turned, to slow.
word, as tell as,
a life's food.

There are, of course.

Maintained, difficulty of slow following.

That & there, direct, slight, to see.

Heard, of center & point,
some air,
Beheld, terms to share, as the door,

no direct act, but some sudden.
there, food,
some huge air, formed.

The way, out include.

where composed


Form, line's
cup, spoon, jar, table,

Scan, from quick eye, sharp,
Up, act, the plant, of food, and eat.

But work, some sound
the span
at-line, his face
openings alert & sent
day's doing
overt, reduced, compound

From some easing through of voice,

and life's trees around, wind.
color of orange sending there

new meetings are along
inert torment
and pleasure's high

from page away
going, the rest.

at, through, here, made.


Form's Dog-tree
three and refuse,
but finish.

arrangements, not doctrinal,
thirsty hands, bent the quick

as light's communion

the Post of details
horn, gleam, clasp.

onto some road, black
back, in to some

forgets as the growing

harps or nouns, greet

ear, body's
Smoke, wood, two trees

earth-seed & remember

a face, her's


going toward, homing


Orange root's rest, inside the tree,
overt claims toward being
Through the air's noon-moon, along
and turning inside to become, there, also

into, car as telling, the form, and
belong also to go along the way, line,
Of the line, toward color's day
from beside, but terms also, gone, through.

the air, love's name is, from transit, out
into turning the leaf, or rewind, gong
blow to spine, spindle, but aloft, as
the belong often, terms to hold, away

thirteen, said go below, as tents are,
to the dirge or signal, then, words, too
from from the distance, of a man
into any shape whatever energy goes by

there & then to say into some relish
that the light there that, and light there
from the distance also belongs, the form

or looks back into some speed as if.

As if there or look

then to term the ripe
feeling a glove
then to say as

the the


Light's line life as : between rest.

Begin as term, time's old line,

but sharp then turn, to leave,

alone & long along these lines,

and turn to say, as this to be.

Into become
as then to
from along, or
being the same to send between.



to make
oar tune, then
grasps as term
thorough belittle spoke
met mark

drum, gone toward & turned

murk : move : turn : leaf & line

toward turn met

along the lone line : his voice


Term's list elicits, and easy,
but form yields through the
eye and molds
the moon
here and the light and here and

between your name an eye to be

also along to term and sell.

belong among dense airs, thorough

revolve through and begin answers

attitude from act-practice and profound

lean, air, made, mold, move, to

the night and its peals, we met
air's new song lights particular ears
handing along the particles of nests
between and they have some light.
also along to become astir, loop to deal

color is this mood sending away

light has grown another density, loop

and continuing the same, told, held,

between what passed and met


From some
at, the rest colors; caps to send
at the night's belief, where sent
at a specific light and line.

In these motives to respond along
in some sudden terms, along to be
in the realities and words also to

lie along the way into some detail
lie through a particle of delight
lie at a rough center, made specific

between some and nests to peal
between these articles into the night
between alert designs also new

after the gray cans clatter furiously
after some marks have their door
after a line marks to spot the place

beside these rivers of moods, moved
and beside some sudden places, to
make and beside altogether new, too

split to send and stop between
breaths are made along the
eye's mind, as some easy doctrines
are made specific to tell someone
there are no others and dream
some nostrils from defeat to
lessen and passage onto this.


Half along beside, between away
And holds through, to be there, too
In some sudden place, going along.

Toward the new signs, also what they are
into among, or also along along :
heaved toward what is there to see.

And made along, to become along, as:
through & known, along to become,
where and meant, then marked to.

But grown along, met along, & known,
but into the place and met, through
and sent, made toward and met.

Marked, met, made, known, along
and made to, marked to, made,
into morning & known, marked, along.

Mute & met, but made, along, there.

Mode, alarum, recall, mark & spot,
there, made to marked to, thrust,
alert, known, made, sent, through.

There, along : known, spot & song.

Complete, mark, song and term, made
and won, known, marked along &
made, complete & known, along along.

Met, mute, song, along & mark.

11* =>Fire sequence & train whistle

What one asks,
did consciousness
the leap?

Yes, I remember you
in the
shade of
this morning--
the orange--

the sound
of the


right now


just now

Out of sequence

12 Mountain top

Line's term line. And then turns, also,
to turn through time, waits to tell.

Spins, often, from form, some sends
then, as term & song, spins.
Eagle seen, again, & sons,

line, send
thirst, ease, list.

air travels upward.

Sun's day, lists leaves, & tells

Spun, and the line's time / are

forced, then, off the line.

eagle, turned, held.

leaf, spin & tell, leaves off,

comes through to hold, your line
tells, where the dust flies.

Crown, tells, the circle continues.
but mountain, then, song's eye.

Feel, spin to tell, complete.


Finds it in,
creeps, held.
belief between, & spins,
loads to soup, spins, too.

Along & sent, but one is tongue,
along to these markings, word to :
hear & become, along.

Light's eye, is lined out, tell.
along, pierce, spin, become.

Leave & tell, hold, take, spin.

Below-belong, to send between here.
and spin, tell, lets as gone, is.

have these beginnings, name's eye.
leaves to take & has to sell.

is, then, as name's spin, along the line
and grows, to be, these lines among
in the laying on of these terms, as.

between the spot
her eyes,
and some word
gets away,
determined the course,
it was


Declarations of favor
do not include
but tell, & spin, away,
and turn to tell.
these lines hold & fall,
then revive, to go.

along a long line, the sun, & see.
the way is made, to hold & send,

but going is name & eye, the term.
we are, and sent, ourselves, to meet

and claim our time, as won, from
these lines & airs we make, from this

angle named, and pushed, along, through,
where it has some space, to fold, here:

line among, send
here to tell, we are, we
these lines

and meet time's
name & face
through some
sending out


A place & made, thorough, the term
and has, to yield, these and favor

toward the angle, eye's shield, past:
the magnified eagle, term & place

moving among lines, to become, and
place, telling to move, away, you are.

between yr eyes, a spot, yr legs, too,
and mine to know you are, inside.

but hold, a sky, blue & green, feathers.

shapes decline & spin, the day is even
& sharp, some names subsist like change,

and angle in to hold; and gone, but
steady, I'm your fire and claim, here.

penetrated. The spots diminish, there are
these ways to mend, and the heart's fire.

echo, place, sky. Sometime and now.
also, spared the clauses of furthering,

but particular, to shed more parts,
and also, to move, spot & claw,

a special distance : none, the immediate,
but firm, and not heavy, made so.


Leaf as turn some wooden line.


Open line, turns along, then spins,
thirsty to tune, going through here.

love's name yr heart' eye song,
thus, made mine in time, this, is, us.

mood-move, line, harps, to this, in.
schemes to move, moon, known, on.

Along. This moon send. Out : along, to.
foreswarn, and being in between.

and time, too, sings her fame, riding
the waves, sea-spun & wet, to meet,

and energy, this song to make my being,
where some sinking son celebrates

his love & being, so, thus to be yr time
& so, known to one, as. Become so.

word this fact; spins the day's key,
and spin, to sing along & wedge. Door.

you are. And keeps to say, along,
and here, met, in some sudden claim.

thrust to say, spin & come, claim, as
are as, belong to some coming-along

the way to saying, that & thus, become
Some saying in this time's knowing

where we are one, in-won, day's
time & line made song, you are, mine.


Blue, winding out, & stopped, along;
aside, then, among these sentences.

and told, too, where the line spends
to hold inside & turn, among time, and

spelling through, hears often, a lapse
to recall, even, where the depth is.

And told, too, align & call, here, as,
wrapt through cold distances, to arrive,

then, and sing out and out, that there
are these sentences to remember;

held, a term, to lodge and mark,
but swept, a goal, perhaps, spot.

particle, song, the dodge claims
to hold & lunge, across, even, & doubt.

but clear, also, another mark stopt
through time and sent, also, a mark.

and marked, even, & sung, also,
detailed, reeling-off, through, held,

determined or marked, and hold, a
tense departure, and diagrammed.

loose, claimed, or claim, and which
detail loosens the cloud, ever, ever.


Blue posts away, past parts sent.

indeed, along, there toward, this ease,
and skips also
through sense's color, too

between the moons they are to seem
where sailing farther, details of duty
and means, there, thus, always toward.

but permanent, terms of furniture, as:
the boom and eagle-spent, offered
to silence whereby partitions gather, to.

interior, astir form blue, as post posted
these arts, as favors artifacts, line.

line along beside always remember
there and slowing halt speed, to up.

and up and, pistol, there become
ease to ear as meant, him, along.

and up to and pins this stir, to
slip it in and rest, rests into.

holds to spin and sent, but trials
and settle to let, but hold to air.

and interior leaf to sent signal, as
the bear leans his seeing into
snap, snap, to sharp shape, and out.


Slight to move, but holds, and through
or direction's course is short but clear.

and move. Here to dust, but settle,
and clear, among these lights, to have.

close, thorough : the ears are not wet,
but some escaping of sentences, close.

open the way out, to shoot them up,
the air, or fireworked, and made.

particle and tune, they are they; as.
into. Made toward morning. Up.

the finishing of the point, is told,
to move, along, among, and, to, end.

but open, begin, all marks made,
the light sings out her hair is waves,

and sold, the mood, and clipped-to,
elongation & tune, again, to hold

the mark among its totals, and
find pleasure in the term "from"

the morning's movies, and snug, along,
the clear and tense afterthoughts of

love's beginning, in the flash & spin
of time's own moving to & to, here.


Line's east ease, turns, skips.

ear moon, and align, heaved at
a motor and claw, the pool eats.

before, and monkeys, leaving home
to their nouns, to glow and fantasy, couple.

but loom away arrive, the passing
of seasons sea salt and blow, down.

and make and. Play to heave into
another limit of the far, reduced of.

light's name willingly : the crows are
eating trees, but skip away, too, to

hold & crash, like arriving and in
departure, corn, the rattle, & halt

to skip or screw, to reduce the
heat & image out to see : coffee.

or: signal to noon, hungry, you are,
and reversed, to think, that here, too.

are you seeing sinking or has flat
posts to denote a noun and marking.

but music is tension : sea tools
are new errors to clasp marks into

some wooden seasons, and harp
to noon, a lost tree, seen & touch.


Line's ease at turns & stops.

to hold behold & through
along along, beside.
& here,
to rest between lines & see
but you are, and met, to hold
to ease & go between. At.

: Perform, and ring
these are some pasts, to
become at once, being, so.

=> Between, and touch, away,
thrust to hold, remember,
slight but exact,
and chords
of, into the one,
line, is.

eaten, but thorough, & not brown
to become also this
exit to same, & met,
through through lapse & start,

eagle, brown, seemed & is, the
same, to rush through,
impact, whereas,
notes. Inside.


Lines like light, moods are color
drawn, in, and the air's passing,

but out, along the way, to hold, here
where some day finishes rain out, & moves

again, to spread the air in, as morning
has some transparency to be clear, &

hold, again, to what is firm and the
clarity of the time is partial, meaning,

then, to some registry backwards, out,
the moon clears to sail & out, to be

these airs of passage, through a gray
dusk, into sentences, coherent, reply,

The outer densities of shadow are
clean, and trees erupt sideways, out

to some white glare, journeying toward
the day where time is, and out, then,

to become cleared-out in some
moving, or loss, even, to declare

the time of this calculation, and
rhythm of the color to belong among

the motive where they call out, along
the way drawn through these claims


Term to line, as air is, & holds

through to line, and hold, as air
is, and thorough, along these

lines, to go through & hold along,
and color's eye, beheld, here.

between then, to hold the line.
specific, then, to turn to & hold.

and air, too, becoming words, they
are air, and turn between this.

as if, then, as when, to leave
the air woodenly between & hold.

and met, too, to become some
turning through of places & acts,

that there are, finally, some align-
ments to shore, & will, to speak.

but words, too, are vocable & list,
to clatter along the way, to hold
to mark the shore willingly, the way.


Grass & toe, they see out from some
distance to the air and are the same.

to the light we hold our way, and
tell to turn, these partitions of chance

and cause, modified in turning, our
way yields to some crossing, this.

posts are new and wooden; mark:
the days are not new but their form.

and telling, this night, too, holds, in:
there are some sentences here, & new.

now the flies are buzzed, to thirsty
hearts made sudden, and turned out.

where is there passion but in some
seed along among and gray to tell.

the capsules are mounted, again,
and dragons have their names too,

but heat the stone for willingness,
and capture slow gnawing for the eye.

and sound yr eye to tell the mind
its duties, and lose the eagle to his way,

out along the sentences, where doubt
leaps away & scores some suddenness often.


Spin to turn, as terms lie-to, & yield,
but shape to lean & slide through.

Drain to hold & send along, then to
skip & send into, space, told, term.

part to shape, turn to hold & move,
then to lean, leave, hold, lie, emerge.

Words to some density, among alarum
& sent, turn, sent through and held:

white to color to dark, meant to
lean, among some density & held.

Loom & shield, terminal & song, and
onto the planes of shape, held.

Parts to lines and the vocable solarity.
Mood to life, and claims, stir, claim.

Memory and song, altogether, their line
and spent, aloft, foreign a sudden wave.

Left alert, astir and gone, he hopes.
Part to limb, words and their generatives.

escape and run, then stop. See to detail.
Moons relax & change, and again.

But lines hold & stir among a nest,
and finish, part & claim, along, to.


Line's life-light, spin & hold, among,
and turns aside, from looms foretold.

Heaviness among, but density apart & further
harness along, to tell light's line along

and turn, here, through to another forestry
from distances briefed along homages

and some calculus of afterthought's son,
beside beside orange turtle of often sent,

or part to turn & live like life's line-light
thorough, diminished, answering season

and sea-tide from blue-wet error,
and seen the lived-out attitude

toward some settled tenor of clarity
better angle line term as distance,

and part-gray and white cloud told,
often & other, as some tool of offers made

toward reading-out and sentences,
where growing short, attend & roost,

to slide between but rest outer & languid,
hard to term upright, post, posture, are

these days between themselves astir
like sending belimed, a word, in, or out.


Visible distances particular chant, in.
Loop to pass, along, & hearing, from.

Align & speak, a partial loop, passed,
but mark, a node & loom, hearing.

Drum this drum. The marks distinguish.
Air passing through your heart, laughs.

Ticking from some bell & begun, along,
among and peas to sparkle between.

Lined-up, made "inform" by destiny, at.
Specific and familiar, the way is seen.

You are you : a circularity, and revolves.
But tense is an air, & kept, secret,

& this hesitance of waves leaps through
sentences, doubling out air upon air

to some / such new beginning, as keeps,
or will & line, stretched out, seen,

then, to gray domes uprised to language,
and image neither fantasy nor dream,

but a reduction of the mental to some
limitation of recall, timed-out, held.

And away, then, live without them, &
then return to yr own seeing. No habits.


Loop to name, & hears, the day holds
these ferverences, or are you bold?

And leap away to yr owl lining of
time's seeming to be yr own, &

leave the loops disdainfully, no turn,
he has these letters un-answrd, yes,

and final, the permanent dreaming-out
of something personal, another tangent,

or swiftly, dismissed as improper, styled,
but reminded-out, claimed as a
stone would become some turning

here to here, the light fancy a
speed-rush, another diminishment,
but then, nothing else to do, and relax.

Home, then, lighted, then, a face, then,
and children, grass-light, meadow-time,

how we hold some places firm, & tell
some rehearsals that there are no others,

skipped boot

Love's whole place her eye
dark blue face
touched to


The visible distances the real
and holds the proper mark, unwound

to this specific density, voice upon
voice, from the color blue, outward,

and then turned from figures into
some claiming, again, among, into

this new beginning, grace & tone,
is some music, again, & told.

Outward, as the figure of grace, is:
and further, then, along among

friends & dreamers, others, too, beside
the time of its sending out,

outer & outer, like this liking

we are become one among song

this other to tell & sing of love

here among here, then, to speak,

yr name, blue tent, and sea deep
eyes, yr face, my flower,

and sung, again, this being-so
we are become
so fullingly.


Time turns easily, to slip a peg, & hold.
Light's posited to frown at these

light terms, you are, and starred
to loop up, inside your eye, to see.

And line, among, work at the hard
edges of trees, peeled away, the

water curves, but sweeps, the words are
slow to, arm of, time in and gone.

You are. And met. Me, at the edge.
this turning out, but lights the eye.

And clearing, out, from some ease, to
move on, again, in some wood or turf.

Leave & hold, both resemblances are
perfect, to their causes, made, at least,

from the air, spoke, and told, to creep
through, a line, then, among the air.

Are. Spent & shot, coming up again,
and going through, the new, and start.

Three. These admissions to speech, sudden
but told, some new origin, at least, they

have nailed it down, the edge of the
world, claimed, won, sought, taut.


Light's line & turns aside, terminal
and voice, penetration forward, spoke,

but ally toward, and voice spoken,
outer, to tell, as mood to sight,

along, turned against saying , beside
and moved overt, told through specific

indications of will formed beside
these designates : wholesome, calculus

of the eye, marked along terms aside
forward to hold, wherever the term

slides throughout speech to mark the
line along to speech between the mark

to hold, return, alights & spins,
throughout the same and made,

but slips & then to make this eye
love's own & tell, through, to skip

and repeat again, the same, marked
throughout and left ahold, the light

lisps away & spins, repeat this one
and holds, tight, the owing of

lives and dimension, spun, out, green
marked, along, out, eye, flame.


Light's line terms the air, speaks,
to ship & send, along, the line,

and has air beheld to come, forth,
then, to become air in turning,

out, to speak, along, and a way
is made, then set, to hold

among things, from these perimeters,
unknown or last ed-out, from

their own densities, asleep and perfect,
thrown toward what is there

among us to our knowing, one
among one, longing out : lunging.

thorough or profuse, spoken or not,
these elongations are new & total,

and thread through the line's
beginning as if, as-if, and hold,

but spend along to speak and
tell, that there the rain comes,

to relieve the air's body &
streaming out coming out, to

say here & here & then hold
to speech, air, told, one, in


Grass roots out, then in, & spares the line
to throw along, and light among this

becoming where the air rests, thorough
and profuse, describing words, and holds,

to stay ahold this space belongs, love's eye
opening at yr touch, to speak between

some time aligns the time from this line
along the roughed out turned out edge

of time, along the shore, spoke, as, to
the places of the marking-out, as, to

penetrate & hold, mark along color, to see,
then, as a making shapes these airs

of movements, through to hold, or touch away
to see, that we are here, along the blue

tent weaving, to make certain these lines
and markings from the dust, spoke, to,

held, to, and met, certain, or sure,
to speak these waves & lines of light,

then, becoming light through to see,
having coupled-out from the edge

at this new beginning, complete, & blue
made throughout the same & one, thus.


Flash, recall and out, to turn aside
and spell, marked, onto the line,

but turns & holds, throughout the
same, and told, went, thorough,

again, to tell & hold along the line
where terminal & profound, we speak,

and rise, again, along among this
detail of air spoken & sung along:

here also we resemble outward & hold
our lines, each to each, & speak

so & so, again, we are the same
and where we are, along, the way,

and held, here among here, to resemble
nothing, & yield, even, to this

presence, we are, and doing, we are,
this being-so, and resembling, move,

throughout, along, recall and flash,
to do these simplicities their being

what they are, to some detail, & made
so & so, thrust throughout along :

a way is made, then set, out
for what is there, termed.


Blue line among these spokes,
to tell, also, along the line, here.

And hope, to tell, out, these
marks all ways, the same, included,

from some recall, out, the door,
made and set, through, here, also.

And moves, through space, & thorough,
among some stones, lined, also alert,

but slid, precise, the mark, stayed
to say the line is small, love's

eye & song, spoke, too, wheeled,
around the way around, along.

silent. Moved. A space would tell,
but hold the eye, love's name,

to see & hold, on, the line, then,
made throughout the same in

some doing, to become sudden
and alert through some saying,

but is not moved, & seen, also,
there & held, asleep you are

in blue & white, and said, here,
to love spoke & song, among.


Dream's source & light, not its story,
moves to see & hold, among its

silences, throughout interrupted the same
way not again but skips to shape

& song all ways new & trembling, but
seen among its pleasures, noun.

And said, to tell again its way
of being there along the way to

hold & sing, you are : there & here,
and held firm, yr eye, opened,

to touch, I am, and one among
you, then, and rising out of air

to become and stay, motive and
brilliance, seen, then, to have these

sentences unwound again, we are
moving, then, costume & sign,

and thrust along the blood to
rise arise, and push in to this

pleasure, and rest and come, then,
into her face, seen & felt, as

some driving through of life's
energies & song as one & made.


Any day new the same return, & hold
the mark close, to see we are

here and dreaming the same way
but spoke out to hold along the

trail up to some mountain space,
out to tell light's eye & shore,

and made, then, of these overt
marks & arrows, no words are

made not shot or cut but lapsed
out cut through & seen to be

the things of life's new beginning
where the air thins out & stops,

but see, there is some blood-rush
driven to the visual distance, &

shrunk, yr thought eclipsed to
this short distance, yielded out

as her name is pleasure, and seen
thus, song, out, made & done, to

be these things of life's own
choosing, then, and driven from

some shore outward, begun in
moving among these stones of life.


This marking placed us out, along
a water cliffed, but clean edge. Here.

And rained down, heavy, to roar,
the water, curved around, nearby,

selective, of these wordings, of.
The air resembles, & holds us,
coming away, to be this raffle

of our selves, made to turn
by light's airs made friend.

Heaved through, night's line, of.
spoke & silenced
we spared the
water holds the way
and memento of her act,
no onions
but trembled on the stairway,
"tortured dream demon"
their voices, shrugged.
No-one sent them.
we'll pass by.
held out, left among.
water : rock.


Light's art, turned around, and still, enfold
to marks, & speak, as if, and silent,

but marked through, air, the term, and
Leaving, thorough, the mark, to meet, then

where we fall, into the open, to make
some sounding, of, often, and into, the one.

but these terms resound, & summer's rain
unwinds, perfect & sincere, where we made

some rescuing-out, to be these things of life
and hold our time exactly, pursuit & thing,

from unwound pressures derived, words
from the mouths of men, & houses, fr god.

but that's the speech, there, and what we
are is finished, and how this coupling acts

us through the line to some becoming, and
then rests across, to hold, "just four," &

then leaps on, and where the water
turns around, we are alone, again, to

practice at our touching, and the house
commands, somewhere, and we are profuse,

delimited toward love's eye & name
from some becoming, out, to tell, here.


Spins to turn return some stance
recall to single & particular grace

as one, to sing, cloud to light, color
bowed around, mountain open to

frame of love's eye, seen & won to
be a call from line arrow out.

thus to see & sing the same, as part
& rock, stacked, ribbed & spent,

shore burst, flung, sanded out & named,
here, at turn & bend to mark &

turn, shore to wind & cleared, from
rain dropped in & laid away, to.

across, three & then one & then one,
and spruce, or mountain, uprised,

root & call, name & tongue, in to
you, your eye & named, this

as if (as if) to tell & told, spoke
uttering of flame & color, marked

off, a rope, knot, song, said, for:
here and here, then, color's light at

the edge & just diminishing, at
evening, and bent around just fine.


& thrown, aside, for rocked eases, to
these dream demons won, they are that,

and from last night's readiness, to meet,
then, retreat, then, to win this view,

here, at the stream's edge, where a house
might become, logged in & shorn up,

built or named, from no disaster but
love's eases, and the thirst outward

relieved, as rain comes, here, &
spends these ferns upward, as they

are, to become themselves, giant or
birch, white papered eye of rushed

night to moon this space & told, then,
stuttered out like some couplings,

as we lean forward onto the arm of
the sea & swept, streambed & line,

through the color of time's own name,
love rushes out & clings, cold & fancy,

to our speech, literal and continuous,
lining over the hill woodenly, to sound

out our names among the density
of the dream's beginning to be so.


And waits, to spell, this sea, & coming.
then lines to hold, among, thrown, to.

completed throughout, a state or air, drawn
toward morning, & deepened, at the edge

to these alignments & nouns, gathering into
light from some dismissal of proprieties, of.

Still, motive gains from coming at, and
the postures jam out, touched at some

act of distinct colors, choice to describe,
to gates of this softening, will and art

submit, then, & leap through her eye,
to elongate, posterior, associated, here.

and mark, these drops are seeded, too,
and globed, air and song, light's

tenure & domain, doubled, sentenced,
particles of clarity, and galloping.

out to out, marked out, touched out
the walls are seen, built, her teeth.

and blood-rushed, light-formed, spacious,
earth blown, larger than this becoming

a boat, vessel, goat or tree, a reduction
enlarged, turned, skipped, along, among.


Marks the spot, & holds, throughout the
time's line, and spent, terminal & gong.

After line & mark, turn to call, open to
this concentration & time, new & permanent,

aligned to air's morsel & term, again,
to go around these tight turnings-out,

between the time, slid, skipped, also
the mood among color's space, here,

at distinction cast, made along the line,
around the world, then, again, to come

through the water to rock-cast, out,
and then holds, to remember, ribbed.

the line. And leaps, leaves to come
to hold there & eases in again, held

firm, against the wall, and then to
mold over against these worlds, too.

And days holding forth, throughout the
place, biscuit and tone, outward, to

lose the way, but touched brass, aloft,
his ticking, to sheep, slip, verb, act,

the scale and water sleeps, lost the
words, and hard among, steep, skip.


Modeled, throughout, to shape &
turn, send, ascend, then, a lake

or pool of, night of, spin, over to
the edge of sound, sound, spin at:

you are: become, then, a line among,
and represents some calculation, there,

as a way is set, berries, too, and
turned out to love's eye, scene,

and then pulsed-through, blood
rush & name, as-has, in the

evening of sentences, broken through,
where there age blue balloons, too,

to see, in the tent, or green &
graceful, to dry quickly, a spot,

here, associates of the line's time
and shore, swarming-out, to

detail up, the thirsty claims are new,
and told, out, another line, but

no weakening of will's claims, or eating,
but final, a day decides, and

removes to sense, some are drawn
to leap-lapse, & set it loose.


Blue, and met. A hard tree,
escapes, again a note is told,

pieces to skip through, notes there,
and music, below the posts, are.

to whom sent, a moon away, hears,
to see, too, again, you are these

recollections skipped between times
loose, fitful, but some color has the

way, to focus down, to seven
even & profuse, a vocabulary revolves,

here, & turns, & goes around, through
choice, spot-spot, and touches

down, the hot-pad, align the earth's
words, particle & claim, & rush

on out, again, specific as the
densities are, & are there, too,

skipped, eclipsed.
post & moon, the
thirsty eaves subside, to slide on
through, the doorway, leans, to set

some particular shore, entailed, or
of, as a location describes, & rests,
now, out, & detailed, to moon along.


then leased,
spoon-specific, &
not broken out, but
filled in, & into love's eye cast

and filled, the heart's anchor, & word,
they are the same,
and some filling,

too, as the water is made, by heat,
to boil, some declension of taste

for acts, & in some density removed
to tense, present, is being hungry:

For the fortune of these rings & lines:
for the features to some easing,
and leaps away, to shore

where these lines subside & linger
in some rescuing forth of pieces,

and made along, there are no others,
and leaped away, a song, you

are. There to be seen, & sung among
your densities, here, where we are, of.

the line spends & shadow is perched
away, his shoulders ringed by, too,

and spoke, out, often, to leap.


Lines to turn, & hold, there they
go, splash, as looped-through,

and singing, too : the shell he gives
and knows its name, & says hello,

by these lines cast, through, the
day subsides, to turn out, and

rest, along the way, made,

to spend the day whole

and meet some
as love lies-to
And holds, we are among,
and orange, too,
these rocks
are seen, tomorrow, to be dry,

and play along the night's own
morning, broken open by design,

and slipped astir, fried, & soon,
there, some secrets uprooted,

to become some singular song,
and see it through the place,

wept, charged, signal & tool.


And through, too,
erased & kept
unwound, particular, encased,

like some liking, love's center
particular to see ease & draw

through, to complete, here as spoke,
rhythm-out, & tooled away, to

hear, also, yr name again, eagle.

spoke, through the ear & led
away, yr mind, holds taut

& shard, they & resemble, turning
to & yielding, face & song,

to eat & skim along, made,
among dense airs pulsed, tone

& song, spoke, rewind to tool,
leaped-out, shorn-out, pulse

of the body's tongue, spoke, at
some lying-to, skipped fertile,

act, art, at, and then rests:

luminosity : permit : way-see