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Thomas Lowe Taylor -- HOMAGES Book I


1 (6.26.74)

For, align,
turns to turn,
below there are
some to send.

And short, between along.

There are some, going through, to
and where
broken toward the line,
as if, but lying aside,
To part.

But, I have, and where, but here
this ease and color of light.

Particles claim toward : the rescue
performed, ally & song : resist.

delight shadow's eye
hard at leases, or sent.

The specific: resolve to lend, alert.

The line, gone, toward, through, at.

And then lived,
spoke, to slide.
space to hold.
The solitudes.
Are. As.


From some wooden line

light's collapse, renewed in eye.

You are firm, root's claim, shore.
Thirsty to term, there-from, alight,
list & send, the utter domain,
And slow, to turn, & turned, to slow.
word, as tell as,
a life's food.

There are, of course.

Maintained, difficulty of slow following.

That & there, direct, slight, to see.

Heard, of center & point,
some air,
Beheld, terms to share, as the door,

no direct act, but some sudden.
there, food,
some huge air, formed.

The way, out include.

where composed


Form, line's
cup, spoon, jar, table,

Scan, from quick eye, sharp,
Up, act, the plant, of food, and eat.

But work, some sound
the span
at-line, his face
openings alert & sent
day's doing
overt, reduced, compound

From some easing through of voice,

and life's trees around, wind.
color of orange sending there

new meetings are along
inert torment
and pleasure's high

from page away
going, the rest.

at, through, here, made.


Form's Dog-tree
three and refuse,
but finish.

arrangements, not doctrinal,
thirsty hands, bent the quick

as light's communion

the Post of details
horn, gleam, clasp.

onto some road, black
back, in to some

forgets as the growing

harps or nouns, greet

ear, body's
Smoke, wood, two trees

earth-seed & remember

a face, her's


going toward, homing


Orange root's rest, inside the tree,
overt claims toward being
Through the air's noon-moon, along
and turning inside to become, there, also

into, car as telling, the form, and
belong also to go along the way, line,
Of the line, toward color's day
from beside, but terms also, gone, through.

the air, love's name is, from transit, out
into turning the leaf, or rewind, gong
blow to spine, spindle, but aloft, as
the belong often, terms to hold, away

thirteen, said go below, as tents are,
to the dirge or signal, then, words, too
from from the distance, of a man
into any shape whatever energy goes by

there & then to say into some relish
that the light there that, and light there
from the distance also belongs, the form

or looks back into some speed as if.

As if there or look

then to term the ripe
feeling a glove
then to say as

the the


Light's line life as : between rest.

Begin as term, time's old line,

but sharp then turn, to leave,

alone & long along these lines,

and turn to say, as this to be.

Into become
as then to
from along, or
being the same to send between.



to make
oar tune, then
grasps as term
thorough belittle spoke
met mark

drum, gone toward & turned

murk : move : turn : leaf & line

toward turn met

along the lone line : his voice


Term's list elicits, and easy,
but form yields through the
eye and molds
the moon
here and the light and here and

between your name an eye to be

also along to term and sell.

belong among dense airs, thorough

revolve through and begin answers

attitude from act-practice and profound

lean, air, made, mold, move, to

the night and its peals, we met
air's new song lights particular ears
handing along the particles of nests
between and they have some light.
also along to become astir, loop to deal

color is this mood sending away

light has grown another density, loop

and continuing the same, told, held,

between what passed and met


From some
at, the rest colors; caps to send
at the night's belief, where sent
at a specific light and line.

In these motives to respond along
in some sudden terms, along to be
in the realities and words also to

lie along the way into some detail
lie through a particle of delight
lie at a rough center, made specific

between some and nests to peal
between these articles into the night
between alert designs also new

after the gray cans clatter furiously
after some marks have their door
after a line marks to spot the place

beside these rivers of moods, moved
and beside some sudden places, to
make and beside altogether new, too

split to send and stop between
breaths are made along the
eye's mind, as some easy doctrines
are made specific to tell someone
there are no others and dream
some nostrils from defeat to
lessen and passage onto this.


Half along beside, between away
And holds through, to be there, too
In some sudden place, going along.

Toward the new signs, also what they are
into among, or also along along :
heaved toward what is there to see.

And made along, to become along, as:
through & known, along to become,
where and meant, then marked to.

But grown along, met along, & known,
but into the place and met, through
and sent, made toward and met.

Marked, met, made, known, along
and made to, marked to, made,
into morning & known, marked, along.

Mute & met, but made, along, there.

Mode, alarum, recall, mark & spot,
there, made to marked to, thrust,
alert, known, made, sent, through.

There, along : known, spot & song.

Complete, mark, song and term, made
and won, known, marked along &
made, complete & known, along along.

Met, mute, song, along & mark.

11* =>Fire sequence & train whistle

What one asks,
did consciousness
the leap?

Yes, I remember you
in the
shade of
this morning--
the orange--

the sound
of the


right now


just now

Out of sequence

12 Mountain top

Line's term line. And then turns, also,
to turn through time, waits to tell.

Spins, often, from form, some sends
then, as term & song, spins.
Eagle seen, again, & sons,

line, send
thirst, ease, list.

air travels upward.

Sun's day, lists leaves, & tells

Spun, and the line's time / are

forced, then, off the line.

eagle, turned, held.

leaf, spin & tell, leaves off,

comes through to hold, your line
tells, where the dust flies.

Crown, tells, the circle continues.
but mountain, then, song's eye.

Feel, spin to tell, complete.


Finds it in,
creeps, held.
belief between, & spins,
loads to soup, spins, too.

Along & sent, but one is tongue,
along to these markings, word to :
hear & become, along.

Light's eye, is lined out, tell.
along, pierce, spin, become.

Leave & tell, hold, take, spin.

Below-belong, to send between here.
and spin, tell, lets as gone, is.

have these beginnings, name's eye.
leaves to take & has to sell.

is, then, as name's spin, along the line
and grows, to be, these lines among
in the laying on of these terms, as.

between the spot
her eyes,
and some word
gets away,
determined the course,
it was


Declarations of favor
do not include
but tell, & spin, away,
and turn to tell.
these lines hold & fall,
then revive, to go.

along a long line, the sun, & see.
the way is made, to hold & send,

but going is name & eye, the term.
we are, and sent, ourselves, to meet

and claim our time, as won, from
these lines & airs we make, from this

angle named, and pushed, along, through,
where it has some space, to fold, here:

line among, send
here to tell, we are, we
these lines

and meet time's
name & face
through some
sending out


A place & made, thorough, the term
and has, to yield, these and favor

toward the angle, eye's shield, past:
the magnified eagle, term & place

moving among lines, to become, and
place, telling to move, away, you are.

between yr eyes, a spot, yr legs, too,
and mine to know you are, inside.

but hold, a sky, blue & green, feathers.

shapes decline & spin, the day is even
& sharp, some names subsist like change,

and angle in to hold; and gone, but
steady, I'm your fire and claim, here.

penetrated. The spots diminish, there are
these ways to mend, and the heart's fire.

echo, place, sky. Sometime and now.
also, spared the clauses of furthering,

but particular, to shed more parts,
and also, to move, spot & claw,

a special distance : none, the immediate,
but firm, and not heavy, made so.


Leaf as turn some wooden line.


Open line, turns along, then spins,
thirsty to tune, going through here.

love's name yr heart' eye song,
thus, made mine in time, this, is, us.

mood-move, line, harps, to this, in.
schemes to move, moon, known, on.

Along. This moon send. Out : along, to.
foreswarn, and being in between.

and time, too, sings her fame, riding
the waves, sea-spun & wet, to meet,

and energy, this song to make my being,
where some sinking son celebrates

his love & being, so, thus to be yr time
& so, known to one, as. Become so.

word this fact; spins the day's key,
and spin, to sing along & wedge. Door.

you are. And keeps to say, along,
and here, met, in some sudden claim.

thrust to say, spin & come, claim, as
are as, belong to some coming-along

the way to saying, that & thus, become
Some saying in this time's knowing

where we are one, in-won, day's
time & line made song, you are, mine.


Blue, winding out, & stopped, along;
aside, then, among these sentences.

and told, too, where the line spends
to hold inside & turn, among time, and

spelling through, hears often, a lapse
to recall, even, where the depth is.

And told, too, align & call, here, as,
wrapt through cold distances, to arrive,

then, and sing out and out, that there
are these sentences to remember;

held, a term, to lodge and mark,
but swept, a goal, perhaps, spot.

particle, song, the dodge claims
to hold & lunge, across, even, & doubt.

but clear, also, another mark stopt
through time and sent, also, a mark.

and marked, even, & sung, also,
detailed, reeling-off, through, held,

determined or marked, and hold, a
tense departure, and diagrammed.

loose, claimed, or claim, and which
detail loosens the cloud, ever, ever.


Blue posts away, past parts sent.

indeed, along, there toward, this ease,
and skips also
through sense's color, too

between the moons they are to seem
where sailing farther, details of duty
and means, there, thus, always toward.

but permanent, terms of furniture, as:
the boom and eagle-spent, offered
to silence whereby partitions gather, to.

interior, astir form blue, as post posted
these arts, as favors artifacts, line.

line along beside always remember
there and slowing halt speed, to up.

and up and, pistol, there become
ease to ear as meant, him, along.

and up to and pins this stir, to
slip it in and rest, rests into.

holds to spin and sent, but trials
and settle to let, but hold to air.

and interior leaf to sent signal, as
the bear leans his seeing into
snap, snap, to sharp shape, and out.


Slight to move, but holds, and through
or direction's course is short but clear.

and move. Here to dust, but settle,
and clear, among these lights, to have.

close, thorough : the ears are not wet,
but some escaping of sentences, close.

open the way out, to shoot them up,
the air, or fireworked, and made.

particle and tune, they are they; as.
into. Made toward morning. Up.

the finishing of the point, is told,
to move, along, among, and, to, end.

but open, begin, all marks made,
the light sings out her hair is waves,

and sold, the mood, and clipped-to,
elongation & tune, again, to hold

the mark among its totals, and
find pleasure in the term "from"

the morning's movies, and snug, along,
the clear and tense afterthoughts of

love's beginning, in the flash & spin
of time's own moving to & to, here.


Line's east ease, turns, skips.

ear moon, and align, heaved at
a motor and claw, the pool eats.

before, and monkeys, leaving home
to their nouns, to glow and fantasy, couple.

but loom away arrive, the passing
of seasons sea salt and blow, down.

and make and. Play to heave into
another limit of the far, reduced of.

light's name willingly : the crows are
eating trees, but skip away, too, to

hold & crash, like arriving and in
departure, corn, the rattle, & halt

to skip or screw, to reduce the
heat & image out to see : coffee.

or: signal to noon, hungry, you are,
and reversed, to think, that here, too.

are you seeing sinking or has flat
posts to denote a noun and marking.

but music is tension : sea tools
are new errors to clasp marks into

some wooden seasons, and harp
to noon, a lost tree, seen & touch.


Line's ease at turns & stops.

to hold behold & through
along along, beside.
& here,
to rest between lines & see
but you are, and met, to hold
to ease & go between. At.

: Perform, and ring
these are some pasts, to
become at once, being, so.

=> Between, and touch, away,
thrust to hold, remember,
slight but exact,
and chords
of, into the one,
line, is.

eaten, but thorough, & not brown
to become also this
exit to same, & met,
through through lapse & start,

eagle, brown, seemed & is, the
same, to rush through,
impact, whereas,
notes. Inside.


Lines like light, moods are color
drawn, in, and the air's passing,

but out, along the way, to hold, here
where some day finishes rain out, & moves

again, to spread the air in, as morning
has some transparency to be clear, &

hold, again, to what is firm and the
clarity of the time is partial, meaning,

then, to some registry backwards, out,
the moon clears to sail & out, to be

these airs of passage, through a gray
dusk, into sentences, coherent, reply,

The outer densities of shadow are
clean, and trees erupt sideways, out

to some white glare, journeying toward
the day where time is, and out, then,

to become cleared-out in some
moving, or loss, even, to declare

the time of this calculation, and
rhythm of the color to belong among

the motive where they call out, along
the way drawn through these claims


Term to line, as air is, & holds

through to line, and hold, as air
is, and thorough, along these

lines, to go through & hold along,
and color's eye, beheld, here.

between then, to hold the line.
specific, then, to turn to & hold.

and air, too, becoming words, they
are air, and turn between this.

as if, then, as when, to leave
the air woodenly between & hold.

and met, too, to become some
turning through of places & acts,

that there are, finally, some align-
ments to shore, & will, to speak.

but words, too, are vocable & list,
to clatter along the way, to hold
to mark the shore willingly, the way.


Grass & toe, they see out from some
distance to the air and are the same.

to the light we hold our way, and
tell to turn, these partitions of chance

and cause, modified in turning, our
way yields to some crossing, this.

posts are new and wooden; mark:
the days are not new but their form.

and telling, this night, too, holds, in:
there are some sentences here, & new.

now the flies are buzzed, to thirsty
hearts made sudden, and turned out.

where is there passion but in some
seed along among and gray to tell.

the capsules are mounted, again,
and dragons have their names too,

but heat the stone for willingness,
and capture slow gnawing for the eye.

and sound yr eye to tell the mind
its duties, and lose the eagle to his way,

out along the sentences, where doubt
leaps away & scores some suddenness often.


Spin to turn, as terms lie-to, & yield,
but shape to lean & slide through.

Drain to hold & send along, then to
skip & send into, space, told, term.

part to shape, turn to hold & move,
then to lean, leave, hold, lie, emerge.

Words to some density, among alarum
& sent, turn, sent through and held:

white to color to dark, meant to
lean, among some density & held.

Loom & shield, terminal & song, and
onto the planes of shape, held.

Parts to lines and the vocable solarity.
Mood to life, and claims, stir, claim.

Memory and song, altogether, their line
and spent, aloft, foreign a sudden wave.

Left alert, astir and gone, he hopes.
Part to limb, words and their generatives.

escape and run, then stop. See to detail.
Moons relax & change, and again.

But lines hold & stir among a nest,
and finish, part & claim, along, to.


Line's life-light, spin & hold, among,
and turns aside, from looms foretold.

Heaviness among, but density apart & further
harness along, to tell light's line along

and turn, here, through to another forestry
from distances briefed along homages

and some calculus of afterthought's son,
beside beside orange turtle of often sent,

or part to turn & live like life's line-light
thorough, diminished, answering season

and sea-tide from blue-wet error,
and seen the lived-out attitude

toward some settled tenor of clarity
better angle line term as distance,

and part-gray and white cloud told,
often & other, as some tool of offers made

toward reading-out and sentences,
where growing short, attend & roost,

to slide between but rest outer & languid,
hard to term upright, post, posture, are

these days between themselves astir
like sending belimed, a word, in, or out.


Visible distances particular chant, in.
Loop to pass, along, & hearing, from.

Align & speak, a partial loop, passed,
but mark, a node & loom, hearing.

Drum this drum. The marks distinguish.
Air passing through your heart, laughs.

Ticking from some bell & begun, along,
among and peas to sparkle between.

Lined-up, made "inform" by destiny, at.
Specific and familiar, the way is seen.

You are you : a circularity, and revolves.
But tense is an air, & kept, secret,

& this hesitance of waves leaps through
sentences, doubling out air upon air

to some / such new beginning, as keeps,
or will & line, stretched out, seen,

then, to gray domes uprised to language,
and image neither fantasy nor dream,

but a reduction of the mental to some
limitation of recall, timed-out, held.

And away, then, live without them, &
then return to yr own seeing. No habits.


Loop to name, & hears, the day holds
these ferverences, or are you bold?

And leap away to yr owl lining of
time's seeming to be yr own, &

leave the loops disdainfully, no turn,
he has these letters un-answrd, yes,

and final, the permanent dreaming-out
of something personal, another tangent,

or swiftly, dismissed as improper, styled,
but reminded-out, claimed as a
stone would become some turning

here to here, the light fancy a
speed-rush, another diminishment,
but then, nothing else to do, and relax.

Home, then, lighted, then, a face, then,
and children, grass-light, meadow-time,

how we hold some places firm, & tell
some rehearsals that there are no others,

skipped boot

Love's whole place her eye
dark blue face
touched to


The visible distances the real
and holds the proper mark, unwound

to this specific density, voice upon
voice, from the color blue, outward,

and then turned from figures into
some claiming, again, among, into

this new beginning, grace & tone,
is some music, again, & told.

Outward, as the figure of grace, is:
and further, then, along among

friends & dreamers, others, too, beside
the time of its sending out,

outer & outer, like this liking

we are become one among song

this other to tell & sing of love

here among here, then, to speak,

yr name, blue tent, and sea deep
eyes, yr face, my flower,

and sung, again, this being-so
we are become
so fullingly.


Time turns easily, to slip a peg, & hold.
Light's posited to frown at these

light terms, you are, and starred
to loop up, inside your eye, to see.

And line, among, work at the hard
edges of trees, peeled away, the

water curves, but sweeps, the words are
slow to, arm of, time in and gone.

You are. And met. Me, at the edge.
this turning out, but lights the eye.

And clearing, out, from some ease, to
move on, again, in some wood or turf.

Leave & hold, both resemblances are
perfect, to their causes, made, at least,

from the air, spoke, and told, to creep
through, a line, then, among the air.

Are. Spent & shot, coming up again,
and going through, the new, and start.

Three. These admissions to speech, sudden
but told, some new origin, at least, they

have nailed it down, the edge of the
world, claimed, won, sought, taut.


Light's line & turns aside, terminal
and voice, penetration forward, spoke,

but ally toward, and voice spoken,
outer, to tell, as mood to sight,

along, turned against saying , beside
and moved overt, told through specific

indications of will formed beside
these designates : wholesome, calculus

of the eye, marked along terms aside
forward to hold, wherever the term

slides throughout speech to mark the
line along to speech between the mark

to hold, return, alights & spins,
throughout the same and made,

but slips & then to make this eye
love's own & tell, through, to skip

and repeat again, the same, marked
throughout and left ahold, the light

lisps away & spins, repeat this one
and holds, tight, the owing of

lives and dimension, spun, out, green
marked, along, out, eye, flame.


Light's line terms the air, speaks,
to ship & send, along, the line,

and has air beheld to come, forth,
then, to become air in turning,

out, to speak, along, and a way
is made, then set, to hold

among things, from these perimeters,
unknown or last ed-out, from

their own densities, asleep and perfect,
thrown toward what is there

among us to our knowing, one
among one, longing out : lunging.

thorough or profuse, spoken or not,
these elongations are new & total,

and thread through the line's
beginning as if, as-if, and hold,

but spend along to speak and
tell, that there the rain comes,

to relieve the air's body &
streaming out coming out, to

say here & here & then hold
to speech, air, told, one, in


Grass roots out, then in, & spares the line
to throw along, and light among this

becoming where the air rests, thorough
and profuse, describing words, and holds,

to stay ahold this space belongs, love's eye
opening at yr touch, to speak between

some time aligns the time from this line
along the roughed out turned out edge

of time, along the shore, spoke, as, to
the places of the marking-out, as, to

penetrate & hold, mark along color, to see,
then, as a making shapes these airs

of movements, through to hold, or touch away
to see, that we are here, along the blue

tent weaving, to make certain these lines
and markings from the dust, spoke, to,

held, to, and met, certain, or sure,
to speak these waves & lines of light,

then, becoming light through to see,
having coupled-out from the edge

at this new beginning, complete, & blue
made throughout the same & one, thus.


Flash, recall and out, to turn aside
and spell, marked, onto the line,

but turns & holds, throughout the
same, and told, went, thorough,

again, to tell & hold along the line
where terminal & profound, we speak,

and rise, again, along among this
detail of air spoken & sung along:

here also we resemble outward & hold
our lines, each to each, & speak

so & so, again, we are the same
and where we are, along, the way,

and held, here among here, to resemble
nothing, & yield, even, to this

presence, we are, and doing, we are,
this being-so, and resembling, move,

throughout, along, recall and flash,
to do these simplicities their being

what they are, to some detail, & made
so & so, thrust throughout along :

a way is made, then set, out
for what is there, termed.


Blue line among these spokes,
to tell, also, along the line, here.

And hope, to tell, out, these
marks all ways, the same, included,

from some recall, out, the door,
made and set, through, here, also.

And moves, through space, & thorough,
among some stones, lined, also alert,

but slid, precise, the mark, stayed
to say the line is small, love's

eye & song, spoke, too, wheeled,
around the way around, along.

silent. Moved. A space would tell,
but hold the eye, love's name,

to see & hold, on, the line, then,
made throughout the same in

some doing, to become sudden
and alert through some saying,

but is not moved, & seen, also,
there & held, asleep you are

in blue & white, and said, here,
to love spoke & song, among.


Dream's source & light, not its story,
moves to see & hold, among its

silences, throughout interrupted the same
way not again but skips to shape

& song all ways new & trembling, but
seen among its pleasures, noun.

And said, to tell again its way
of being there along the way to

hold & sing, you are : there & here,
and held firm, yr eye, opened,

to touch, I am, and one among
you, then, and rising out of air

to become and stay, motive and
brilliance, seen, then, to have these

sentences unwound again, we are
moving, then, costume & sign,

and thrust along the blood to
rise arise, and push in to this

pleasure, and rest and come, then,
into her face, seen & felt, as

some driving through of life's
energies & song as one & made.


Any day new the same return, & hold
the mark close, to see we are

here and dreaming the same way
but spoke out to hold along the

trail up to some mountain space,
out to tell light's eye & shore,

and made, then, of these overt
marks & arrows, no words are

made not shot or cut but lapsed
out cut through & seen to be

the things of life's new beginning
where the air thins out & stops,

but see, there is some blood-rush
driven to the visual distance, &

shrunk, yr thought eclipsed to
this short distance, yielded out

as her name is pleasure, and seen
thus, song, out, made & done, to

be these things of life's own
choosing, then, and driven from

some shore outward, begun in
moving among these stones of life.


This marking placed us out, along
a water cliffed, but clean edge. Here.

And rained down, heavy, to roar,
the water, curved around, nearby,

selective, of these wordings, of.
The air resembles, & holds us,
coming away, to be this raffle

of our selves, made to turn
by light's airs made friend.

Heaved through, night's line, of.
spoke & silenced
we spared the
water holds the way
and memento of her act,
no onions
but trembled on the stairway,
"tortured dream demon"
their voices, shrugged.
No-one sent them.
we'll pass by.
held out, left among.
water : rock.


Light's art, turned around, and still, enfold
to marks, & speak, as if, and silent,

but marked through, air, the term, and
Leaving, thorough, the mark, to meet, then

where we fall, into the open, to make
some sounding, of, often, and into, the one.

but these terms resound, & summer's rain
unwinds, perfect & sincere, where we made

some rescuing-out, to be these things of life
and hold our time exactly, pursuit & thing,

from unwound pressures derived, words
from the mouths of men, & houses, fr god.

but that's the speech, there, and what we
are is finished, and how this coupling acts

us through the line to some becoming, and
then rests across, to hold, "just four," &

then leaps on, and where the water
turns around, we are alone, again, to

practice at our touching, and the house
commands, somewhere, and we are profuse,

delimited toward love's eye & name
from some becoming, out, to tell, here.


Spins to turn return some stance
recall to single & particular grace

as one, to sing, cloud to light, color
bowed around, mountain open to

frame of love's eye, seen & won to
be a call from line arrow out.

thus to see & sing the same, as part
& rock, stacked, ribbed & spent,

shore burst, flung, sanded out & named,
here, at turn & bend to mark &

turn, shore to wind & cleared, from
rain dropped in & laid away, to.

across, three & then one & then one,
and spruce, or mountain, uprised,

root & call, name & tongue, in to
you, your eye & named, this

as if (as if) to tell & told, spoke
uttering of flame & color, marked

off, a rope, knot, song, said, for:
here and here, then, color's light at

the edge & just diminishing, at
evening, and bent around just fine.


& thrown, aside, for rocked eases, to
these dream demons won, they are that,

and from last night's readiness, to meet,
then, retreat, then, to win this view,

here, at the stream's edge, where a house
might become, logged in & shorn up,

built or named, from no disaster but
love's eases, and the thirst outward

relieved, as rain comes, here, &
spends these ferns upward, as they

are, to become themselves, giant or
birch, white papered eye of rushed

night to moon this space & told, then,
stuttered out like some couplings,

as we lean forward onto the arm of
the sea & swept, streambed & line,

through the color of time's own name,
love rushes out & clings, cold & fancy,

to our speech, literal and continuous,
lining over the hill woodenly, to sound

out our names among the density
of the dream's beginning to be so.


And waits, to spell, this sea, & coming.
then lines to hold, among, thrown, to.

completed throughout, a state or air, drawn
toward morning, & deepened, at the edge

to these alignments & nouns, gathering into
light from some dismissal of proprieties, of.

Still, motive gains from coming at, and
the postures jam out, touched at some

act of distinct colors, choice to describe,
to gates of this softening, will and art

submit, then, & leap through her eye,
to elongate, posterior, associated, here.

and mark, these drops are seeded, too,
and globed, air and song, light's

tenure & domain, doubled, sentenced,
particles of clarity, and galloping.

out to out, marked out, touched out
the walls are seen, built, her teeth.

and blood-rushed, light-formed, spacious,
earth blown, larger than this becoming

a boat, vessel, goat or tree, a reduction
enlarged, turned, skipped, along, among.


Marks the spot, & holds, throughout the
time's line, and spent, terminal & gong.

After line & mark, turn to call, open to
this concentration & time, new & permanent,

aligned to air's morsel & term, again,
to go around these tight turnings-out,

between the time, slid, skipped, also
the mood among color's space, here,

at distinction cast, made along the line,
around the world, then, again, to come

through the water to rock-cast, out,
and then holds, to remember, ribbed.

the line. And leaps, leaves to come
to hold there & eases in again, held

firm, against the wall, and then to
mold over against these worlds, too.

And days holding forth, throughout the
place, biscuit and tone, outward, to

lose the way, but touched brass, aloft,
his ticking, to sheep, slip, verb, act,

the scale and water sleeps, lost the
words, and hard among, steep, skip.


Modeled, throughout, to shape &
turn, send, ascend, then, a lake

or pool of, night of, spin, over to
the edge of sound, sound, spin at:

you are: become, then, a line among,
and represents some calculation, there,

as a way is set, berries, too, and
turned out to love's eye, scene,

and then pulsed-through, blood
rush & name, as-has, in the

evening of sentences, broken through,
where there age blue balloons, too,

to see, in the tent, or green &
graceful, to dry quickly, a spot,

here, associates of the line's time
and shore, swarming-out, to

detail up, the thirsty claims are new,
and told, out, another line, but

no weakening of will's claims, or eating,
but final, a day decides, and

removes to sense, some are drawn
to leap-lapse, & set it loose.


Blue, and met. A hard tree,
escapes, again a note is told,

pieces to skip through, notes there,
and music, below the posts, are.

to whom sent, a moon away, hears,
to see, too, again, you are these

recollections skipped between times
loose, fitful, but some color has the

way, to focus down, to seven
even & profuse, a vocabulary revolves,

here, & turns, & goes around, through
choice, spot-spot, and touches

down, the hot-pad, align the earth's
words, particle & claim, & rush

on out, again, specific as the
densities are, & are there, too,

skipped, eclipsed.
post & moon, the
thirsty eaves subside, to slide on
through, the doorway, leans, to set

some particular shore, entailed, or
of, as a location describes, & rests,
now, out, & detailed, to moon along.


then leased,
spoon-specific, &
not broken out, but
filled in, & into love's eye cast

and filled, the heart's anchor, & word,
they are the same,
and some filling,

too, as the water is made, by heat,
to boil, some declension of taste

for acts, & in some density removed
to tense, present, is being hungry:

For the fortune of these rings & lines:
for the features to some easing,
and leaps away, to shore

where these lines subside & linger
in some rescuing forth of pieces,

and made along, there are no others,
and leaped away, a song, you

are. There to be seen, & sung among
your densities, here, where we are, of.

the line spends & shadow is perched
away, his shoulders ringed by, too,

and spoke, out, often, to leap.


Lines to turn, & hold, there they
go, splash, as looped-through,

and singing, too : the shell he gives
and knows its name, & says hello,

by these lines cast, through, the
day subsides, to turn out, and

rest, along the way, made,

to spend the day whole

and meet some
as love lies-to
And holds, we are among,
and orange, too,
these rocks
are seen, tomorrow, to be dry,

and play along the night's own
morning, broken open by design,

and slipped astir, fried, & soon,
there, some secrets uprooted,

to become some singular song,
and see it through the place,

wept, charged, signal & tool.


And through, too,
erased & kept
unwound, particular, encased,

like some liking, love's center
particular to see ease & draw

through, to complete, here as spoke,
rhythm-out, & tooled away, to

hear, also, yr name again, eagle.

spoke, through the ear & led
away, yr mind, holds taut

& shard, they & resemble, turning
to & yielding, face & song,

to eat & skim along, made,
among dense airs pulsed, tone

& song, spoke, rewind to tool,
leaped-out, shorn-out, pulse

of the body's tongue, spoke, at
some lying-to, skipped fertile,

act, art, at, and then rests:

luminosity : permit : way-see


Thomas Lowe Taylor -- HOMAGES Book II



Light's line, out, termed through
the air and twice, to term and,

then, rusted-out, from love's tenor
strung out, or other, along the way,

older, or old, voiced, or not, "form
is form," it seems to say, but clear,

and starving along rhythm, strung
& painted, then, rough or strewn,

wrapped, but borne out, or said
to whomever is there, and to

some relinquishing, banked away,
missed, but trusted, thorough

and profound. Light is light, then,
or empty, as a style goes, or

a cadence, and quartered, into
our special considerations lived

through to be distinct, square, too,
and turned out, silvered, heard

like the voice is, and damp, at
home, or driven, outward, forth

like something found underway,
and struck, out, & fortunate.


Forged, along, a mark
turns through
and marks, again, to become these
willingly, and hold to
cloud or smoke, point & term.

penetrated, and lighted, but luminos.

through, light to color, a success.
termed, along, and moving.

Then thrust : push & make, the whole.
but made, a way, & said.

Any thoroughness, the tabletop, & even,
that is, covered & smooth, seen.
To yield out, but acts, swimming

the term, of favor to shape.
Relaxed, the eye. Going to nouns.
Seascape has this needled eye.

Plenty of and more than.
The hope of farms, lassitude.

But holds to & terms, to say.
then, often, marked, to.

Her name, & love's eye, too, shorn
to skip & loop among, eases
and let, to sharp, & sky.


Term, along the side, and kept, hollow
and turned through, as if to keep.

Mark, and thus alert, sky-sudden,
or sheep, shed, reflect, total.

Alarm, song's posture, foreign, to
these ears loose, or terminal,

limitation from outside places, to
keep along tightly then opens,

rain's ears, too, seated chairs
or rocks, and tied together,

like dreaming along between the
time's time, he might visit, is

welcome, of course, & specific
trades told to watch, closely,

maybe a block away, but here,
noted alongside, to share, him,

her eyes, the same and seen, a
lapse of error, words sent around.

Leap to sled
& hold, here among
alarum, as said, not too closely
and mid-scam, mind, too
and held, there


Affirm & tong, refract, spoke
to leased hedgerows, almost

sincere & certainly "meant," along
sympathetic chatter of homilies, to

become ( between) purple, a mantle
and ordered out, prompt, at mask

& drum, his term
to lease & swell

spoke among here
to blue ease kept

never to slide often away quick,
as red code-shelf keeps astir,

some linear, dusk, but keeps on,
and holds light to light, as.

Loaf-noodle, a spire, seen, at least,
but firm, retraced, this ground,

of stance & swing, pool, toward
the day of, mark of, often's ease.

Speak, to ease, not crept unwound,
but seen, a mark, & satisfied.

Rehearse to loop, skip to air,
in love's eye warmed, through.


Leaps to hold, & spin, around, root
topped, dog-run-by, and then again.

Loops to spin, this air, and are the
same, to hold along the edge & ride.

hold to leap, then leaped, where
& then spun-out, dried out, food.

And hears to sing, answer & claim
from some airs resembled, again.

Spin to claim, and named, again
furrow & song, her name, here,

& said, spoke, around, along, among,
but hurried, or through, his enemies,

of self, and made out, removed
by act & dream, arrived at, here,

where the smell, even, is tangibly
empty, detail of the sun's scale,

where some colors are natural enough,
but made, through, song's pleasure.

and held, too, from seeing, first, to
shallow and plaintive whispering,

in the rightness of attitude which permits
the levy & holds, holds to this singing.


And lines among this, to hold the name
of, claim's time told, & spun, small red

goes by, & leaves a trail strike strike &
turn, to sing the song, light goes out

from each splash, & rain even, traces,
& this line out, holds time away, too,

& touches down, from time sent, away
to turn on down, her name along this

place & name, & sees, to use, furrow
& seed, to ride on, there, spent to

line out, number out, restricted, like:
money, air-dust, red term, alongside.

merge to hold, along red sending, term
of another line, spun in, told, from

something won even by his return to
simpler distances, and won by that,

ear-designate and color-power to
some easier time, termed in &
said thorough & distinct, a pole.

but slipped, too, and controlled along
side, floated, around, even smaller.

thorough, noise of, distinct, blue, on.


Light's holding-in, and firm, through
time and color, across to this specification.

Doubt relinquishes, no term but sending,
and spins away, in life's details made,

but firm to say, and this mark to the
shore of green houses, made throughout

the same, to have the mark made,
and color made to some wood,

as the line's making submits to
these airs, total and name as

they are meant to be, among the
term & sign, from some signaling

cast, aloft, moving among revolutions,
along the rhythm of the eye's

leaving leaf among leaf, to have doubt
out & told, then, ear to some

telling, after this sending in of
time's own sign, & grown into

these areas and shapes made
firm, throughout and marked

this way of having, to make mark
& term of the world's eases, in.


Sent throughout, to say, and mark,
along the line, made among here, as.

Walked, the fire line, and water, there,
as space, & danced, between ways.

Whistling, wired together, again, then, &
made into, or even, the same, here.

likened, among listening-after, the view.
Sharp, line, mark to air and spoke.

The day, holds. And view to permit,
along and strained, between, and a

cold time to it, but said, too, and made
firm, term & line, around, shaded, to.

The line, marked, through, air's shape,
and inside, rests, to situation,

there, spoke, to, along, seen, and
left astir, to speak, also, to

time cast, from time's line made,
and then around, again, to hold.

But spoke, term, claim, seen, to
hear & send, then, into the fire.

Leave and hold, creeping forward,
signal, time and air, sent into.


Dream raises thought : line terms right,
& sings throughout the same energy.

Line spends & leaves & hurries on, the
same thing, then, as spoke would be.

And light's leaving; attribute of plenty,
and turns to, to hold & sing along.

Speak to heal, then, & works, trans-
parent, or yielded into shape, here.

To move line among, along & moving
as : tense & air mark to leap, this.

And the leading-in of time's own
choosing, firm and whole, left

along the highway, shorn & stung
or named as one among densities.

loop to sell, and hold, you are.
Line among time, as this sending

out holds over the mark & term.
node or fold, all the same, filled,

a space, thrown to hear, as
listen, among, and gone, into.

Part & claim, neither folds outer,
and one term grows fitfully, love.


And continues, t he same, at distance
to mark, stop, & flame, looped out.

And then hold, cool, on : these flourished
edges, and made certain, too, to thought.

Kept, clear, and marked, away, to
some generalities flowing on, held,

summary & gong, doubled out, this
shadow I am, to myself sent, raged:

there are no others, & love's answer
is plain, in similitude there is some

borrowing, & hesitation, spent away,
to close on the crucial line & hold,

there, as this sending echoes off
to resemblance, shaped by ceremony

to its outer character, & made
simply, too, within the name

of noise, even, & slight gone
through by the numbers, then,

and gone, and heard what he
wanted, and listened, to tell,

and suspend all along, among
these arrows of morning, sent.


And marks, the sun, here, twice
and then, moving, along, among.

Compressed. This reading, or what
you are dong this morning, and

some intelligence remains from
sleep regained, what do you mean,

signals? But fantasy empties
memory, & declares dreams begin

-ning, not the reverse, & claims
attention as more than nouns.

she leaps, I hold, that's the
way, and a man jumps, too,

but out, & where they meet
is permanent, said, spoke, done.

Leans, looped, to hold, the picture's
gestures, how pleasure turns,

these days, and makes our
time together what it is, &

simply, spent, water & stone, air
and sun, tree and hill, this

place : beginning, then, as some
willingness comes into play, & holds.


Skims along, firm, tread, these loops
filled throughout, parts in solitude,

and ceremonially gathered, acts, on
the line & met, to sail around, speak

onto the mat, willing & scarce, words
bent and welded, where they meet,

not as part but conjoin to edge &
surface : orange-wood, and plum meat,

how the line of feeling follows close
into some air of meeting, orthodox &

simple, they say, critic & song and
vocabulary, she dreamed me, too, and

loops to know, strung along among
where gold or color mean & swing

to their densities, fed or wept or
known along these ditches, water

and tree collapse to cities, diminished
in transition but yielded nonetheless.

mood & song and name : you are,
and met, arrow to noon, bent.

And sings, too, lunch & time, where
the moving is certain, direct & made.


Slips to turn, & shallows in, scrapes
& holds, then lines along the way.

Hears & says, this, and made through
time to become being & then out.

Over to tell, & tells, then goes in
the long color terms to tell & says.

Line along the way to come into this
telling, from color, scraped, seen.

And mood-move, along among a
turn, termed out and color & line.

Then marked, spot, scraped & slippt
out, in to hold and mark to tell.

And termed in to hold & light the
line & color's time turned high

and hold to sense, scraped in
and said then, heart to sell &

held to tell, easy, then, and made
firm, relaxed, off, and then made.

Color's line forgets, sees and marks
tolls & limes, scrapes to hold, here.

Limbs, leaves, holds-to, sent along,
among mark & term, stop to sail.


And marks, held, spoke, on, the
rung, made thorough, & hung.

Continued, and blue marks made
to turn into these wordings-at.

And heard, to say, then, elongated
to some sending, casks thrown

to the woods, up along the rock
capped and sung, and left,

at numbers, a note, made into
time by the body's heat, forest,

and named, to say, then, that
the ship arrived, along among

thirsty doves, to make time's
sending, run into, and told, at.

the colors protrude, and delimit
the whole with seeing, and

some often term made certain
to climb out, the trail and

mark, termed along, to creep,
his light repeated, to call.,

and face, to time, his ears
are clean, and furnished.


Doors. Love's bright claim revolves
toward the human, uncomplex

and new, where tension speaks
to morning, finished, a way, looped.

but made, these wings, and soar,
and read the transformations out

to their propriety and noise, where
meaning, too revolves point to point

in a drawing-forth of love's
exactness & tone, mask & drum.

"Effect rehearses back to cause,"*
and sleeps in acts, induced by

seeing the fit of claims & words,
where we lie awake & see these

revolutions of word & slide, slid, a
mood and moved along among

term to mark, vocable presence
a list of states established,

in their elongations, emptied out to
space, kept, crept, along, among.

sense dissolves from acts, & sees,
too, the celebration in time's gloss.

*Chris Boyd


Node. Particle. Examples of effects,
rehearsals of doubt, to leap off,

and hold, mark. Term. Gong and
plane, astir and swum. Going ahead.

and stops, to slow the line. Along here.
Then, rescued or met, the name of.

her eye, as one, named. Then met.
but yield, to hold a small gain.

interior. But plain and exampled, the
way holds, too, even & simple, risked,

to obtrude, pleasantly, the name, sung,
and folded, around, met, willingly.

some term internal, and yelled out,
voice & echo, his cry, tonight, last.

Unwound asleep. And then on, to the
top, about nothing, this is, and spoke.

The terms are made simply, & set to
play out or outer. Then jumped, held.

But rhythm is no trance, & spun in, to
hold, among pleasure's double term,

gained, again, & seen, there, to be
here, sparks, or flown, opened, out.


Mark. The three, hold, to term
a line in & held, there is

the distinctness of motive, gained
by seeing where the places grind.

An inner naming of time's own
song, high & thin, the clouds

are. And see these times as
one becoming, firm, the line

is made & held, where loss is
no particular density, but

color. Thought beheld in time.
along : the terms yield their life.

among : skipped between marks
the way is held & moved, here.

And where we are these characters
of choice, one was made, along.

and seen, this love, and being so
to time's own song, one time, this.

and told, spoke, elongation and
musk, nosed in, and heard, too,

where the particles claim some
density, and in, here, to be.


Mark & line. Thus. And held along,
term & song, air's own naming, is.

And seen, beheld, or spoke. Fire.
Ice at the edges known, as time.

You are. And mood-moved, through.
The air holds to lean among leaves.

And yielded, a sentence, or hewn,
then, and known, then, as familiar.

But dust claims the air, and travels
outward, as figures do, to claim

attention, and wing through, as, told,
incoming and doubt, held, along.

And wait to spin these centers
willingly the same way, and known.

Then skipped. Aside, outer, other,
spun, term, the air, fancy, out.

fling. The heavy idea. You are
that. And then the colors, as.

Become or gone, and be, also.
The same. And a way, then.

Of course, also, into, the same
compression holds, one line less.


Rain & song, attribute of love's name,
where night breaks along, among here:

these fires. Morning's leaving for clouds,
and spun among terms, this day decides.

The rest. And moved between spots, this,
made, out, but held and termed, a

line is termed "hold" and does, a course,
of time, and swept away, to ease.

But clipped aside, stir. To rest inside.
Then scan away, seen thing resides.

To blow or color, the time's holding
through to leave & hold, astir.

But kept, a mark is termed away,
Then long or moved, to come along.

Then sleeps, tonight. Or clouds are
these bubbles in the soup, clean.

To fasten, attend, sun's climate of
an-other or term for : leased, at.

And then, or shape, held. Swimming.
And out, to shift, bold, clipped.

Of, often, other. These are the names.
And blue yielding, named, as, in.


And passes out, this line holds, to
move through the air, told, and knows

the rest rests, from these names made
into some sharing-forth of time, here.

Rain-cloud, wind, streams, out, the
water, pooled, from some terms

made along, among them made, then,
to these uses of our motive. Gleam.

Then pass, then, and yield, the wind
is met, and terms away, to shed.

But you are : and met willingly.
where it leaps out, drives out, there.

And color, then, yielded away, blue.
but desert and claim, term & gong.

Then met, to usages gained throughout
the same way clear of all vestiges

or attributes is a word song, how
the sun breaks, in, & then fades, to.

And you are, then, them, as it is
some beginning, even, to have begun

out of blue noises wrapt or spent.
And then we hold & hold, line's in.


Line to shape, score, time, sharp, is, at.
moved, then. The light persists, through.

Heavy terms, contained, three lines, up,
there are some rows yielded to clasp.

You are, there and went, hold, it
shows up, looks up, begins to turn.

And answers to them, as if, to
see the rest coming away to a light

stop to hold. But grows aside
to term away the line as ease,

and feeling the horn & blown in
you sleep again as distinct as

some mellow charges grow out
and tell the mood along, term

among density to score events so
and so, you do not wait to see,

they are, that, and seen, too,
as some even clarity, even.

Forgot, and said : sense or a
sentence as motive to speech,

closed, and then tired, to sheep
away, and privately, hold.


Light's line rising, through the air, to
settle into her eye, & hold, here,

and make a name, twice, no error.
And begin again in time, to hold on,

or go below, and suck among here, as.
Then told, as spoke, there, and no other,

but made among these sentences, a
way, set against its pressures, a

century by example, made out to a
shape and center, intelligence away,

not to lose, but make long gestures,
stride, stride, the road sings in,

as some density parts, and wet
pressures make these plants among

seed to time, and exhaust the
way willingly, to touch down at

the edges & hold, one along one, as
the mark, made to term, known as,

then & time : ahead to push, not a
mark, but held to pass, there,

a note, skipped, through here,
and then bent, through, at, in.


But slips aside, seen the stairway
holds along, among these densities as

some un-winding of fortunate pressures, &
made along the way, to hold aside

these airs : mark, a term occludes but
rushes, attribute and song, and made

away, robed, thorough, then, but masked,
to remember here and sung, a part

possessed : slight to firm lines & said,
that some ease holds over and comes

between, and overlapped, and sung.
post and mark, along, and one as

some color green to part slipped and
then ground down or parted, waved.

But slung, around, past or farm.
the mood-moved as absolute, and

soft, away, as alert or made away,
and pushed too far, mark, spot.

Hear to tell, and made away,
easy posts or blue noises, there,

and slipped, gained, the moon
and moved, through, as, in.


Children : as : before
the fires

moved, to tell, as spoke & sung, words
are sent along, among these densities,

and worlds made, too, of them, then,
and sent away to ease on down,

here & this : departure and mode, after
some wood or fire, or the messages,

they are, and sent, hear, we are the
same, and one among them, returns.

But holds and easy, too, to be a
simple pattern, where they wait, to

see, as some density sinks outward
and heard, then, around the time

of it, and sung, easily, to thread
the way along, and sent, into a

recall, or posture, wherein, the three cans
upraised, to see here and tell the

song out, as relates to, and spoke,
they are made so to their enemies,

but turned out, blue, attribute
a song, turned, re-turned, in.


Made certain by these fires, and
pressed so, and so, by the ears bent

through some registration co-mingled,
thorough and distinct, animal : world.

But seen. There and sung. Spot to
call and line's out-sway of peals,

to thirst along, a round face, &
eyed in to tell, magnificent, spun,

the last tenses swung aside, looped.
and spell. The moon's postulates,

and firm. To hear in between, as.
blue noises firm, also. And peals.

but looped along, among gray
loops pealed, thorough, inturning, to.

And skip, there, a space after
"in," to make turning a turn, as.

Lip to say, & spin, air's loom into
the rough edge,
alas, to creep.
Your hand, to moon
away & chop.
There : list : scoop : spoon.

Loom into, mood to moon skip, to tell
and hold away, meant, term, as.


Scale to dust
red : the mean,
around blue around : below middle.

After completion : named,
rosed to tell, and made all ways.
And termed thorough, or finished, to.

Loop to skim : hold : love's eye.
Your name, my own, and moved among.

Hold : here. And spend between eyes
away, held and thing, scaled.

And known
around the moon along : held.

Then turn
loop to hold, aside, silent, a pile.
Known to air,
and held true, in.



Finish, same term, held, as & term,
the particular flying, and into, held,

then, or spoke, they are light's
love, as eye, or held to blue noises.

You are : along, among. Gray to tell,
but ascribed outer, and bent awry,

or tell around, pool as known, & belongs,
finish from air, mistake, and kept,

at the air's own meaning, love, you
are, my heart's peeling, meant.

to come around, hold, onto the
flat gray plain of memory, this.

to fool or peal, one among many
and scale to finish, claim, clipped.

Along among, and swept away, or
held and spoke, to cleanse & purr.

Then specific, going to line, ease,
this is tense, as a lop or edge

and then gone the mice become
a minute and claim, to spin

and spoke, heard, the line, out,
and coming clearing, there, as.


Light, as term, the mountain's face, or
eagle calling to mate, lesser squawks,

too, occasion and rejoinder, the gray
one, there, & then down around the

whole cap, to check it out, today,
slip around tree-branch, turn aside, even,

& rhythmic touch for rock face, pole
down, spruce bush, birch wood & stream

whips away the wind, easily, too, & yields
more light throughout the air & fill fills

the moving, along-among, and here,
to see again, foot, trail, pole, orange.

Too many nouns, more acts, thus! And so!
More easily flourishes, but here we are.

Some seldom rivers, & no retreat, only
hesitating at-point, mark and turn, aloft.

Then sinking in, close, yielded through
to turn around, clasp, remove, words, they.

Will he come along? & no less, the color
of the walls, white, of course, yr favorite, eye.

Beheld as sinking, the thirsty straps, mean
and tell, thorough, aside, term, shed, also.


As-has. Stock to relief, turn & hold,
hold, the spun line lights to lose,

as some recurring tale, whipped toward
associates : means, to term a mark : so.

And name this waiting what-it-is, in
the heart, belongs to simpler saying, yes.

New, other. Water's close inflections, spun
from sun's complexities, but honed out, as.

To end with : pause & sharp, neither gain
relinquishes the door, way to blue, & hold.

Hold time's beginning close, relief at
release rushed home, and clamor, after,

her grape face, body line, the line as
this airing, among-along, one out, to.

To. Lips a leaf to slight crushing, pushed
on to the moved surface yielded out.

And tight away to fill in, detail of : in
some adventuring runs around the corner.

And examples suffice : this : this : often.
to compress : blue noises, & favorite, can.

You are : these utter other person light,
skim up, light to touch, held, held.


Thirsts, seen, moved throughout the same.
holds, along. We are and going,

along among, & separately, as once,
become, without pain or sleep, but

flying to, and held, person & song,
as some becoming-being, has to see.

These airs & plumes : spun-sung, as
out & told, some color yields to the

time of it, and says, then, to go
and stay, then, we are also true.

We grow by such beginnings. One to
say, here, this is some way, as.

But goes, then, through the time of it,
and sentences. Made, or things, to

leave the door open, as the leaves do,
blown away, from language sent

to the air's new beginning, and hung
about, set about, going up and moved.

You are. And sent all along, the way.
the same to say, this is, but hold,

too slow or gone along too far,
you went down & stayed, asleep.


Magic, and saying. Going on into it, or
no implied acts, known before marks.

Term. The way, blue sky blue, is, or not.
but behave, you are : to be so, told, spoke.

is it not, then, the manner of entry, of the
spoke, not wheel, but turns, along-among.

Or heard. Song to tell : hear, this, is, it.
the one. Two is knowing, so don't. Yes.

Of course he is there, when you speak.
and divided, not, up the middle, yes,

two halves is, then, four, & seen, song.
But stop. But. And go ahead, think.

The brain hears the brain's : style : seen.
You are. Among, along, blue noises, are.

In "no interruption" has cause, to fold away.
And scatters these messages too crumple.

Donkey. And remember which it is, too.
Sudden recall. To leave. Roses. Instead.

But means, drum-drum, accelerated, too.
Bump the rampant leaning of total, too.

And heart, the door's leaves & followers
nectared out, mountain of absolute scenes.


Twice, to turn. Hears, as has and says.
then line to mark, hold, sway to.

Terminal and turn, the specific lapse
overturns, and sweeps away, as.

Then : but here is and time's air
to lease and hold, to leap & hear.

Means. And variations in temperature,
from the middle of outer layers.

Ease of signifying, a language met,
through some staggering of intent

to these motives, loosened, termed also
to their repetitions, lag, on, eased.

But watched closely, jumped through
the ring and along, among the firs.

Some tall, seen, these shadows of
of the light, then, they are, as.

But schematic, the same quickness, tight
to leaf, and new, begun, spoke.

And continuing, too, the same, but dense,
and looped around from some telling.

And heard, as spoke, love's eye
and term, marked throughout, here.


Known common thirst from glue often
becomes another inside fastened there.

Blows out, then, child from walls of
lining the air's becoming firm, world.

And light's fine line extended, throughout
the same, onto the memory of, climbed,

anterior, these claims, to act, makes
firm the line, to the making drawn.

Color, the name of motive, life with, or
out the door, name of, motive of.

live to claim, mark the time of, being.
But claim term as home, then, become.

There to say, here, final coming through,
eats the way, objection, the way.

But read slowly, either tense, has,
the slow crumpling of noise within,

and meets, rescue, doubt, overthrown.
You are, and met, to say "doubt."

His name, and love's, the same knowing,
and remove to sight, some claiming.

Then, remove, become, along-among, as
has light to tell, fused, words are.


Passage, mark, term; thrust & hold.
Days' light, and, even thorough, as.

Line to line, the same, and powering
out to hold, eye & gone, looped, to.

Become, and, then eagle, eased onto
some distinction, friend from forces.

Time turns to skip, its character;
you are : and although, ears as, time.

And around, perhaps, pier at ocean's
edge-smell, and all of it proper.

These words these are these going
along among, and "next to each other."

But sees, picture, why not that
or image, not there, yr camera

has the edge, or square, glued, as
the moving yields some rhythms.

in upon in, and held through
gray noises, coming back, the same

as this, yielded to light and a
motive, gone-at, pushed-to, thus.

But holds, around the eyes, at
his name, eye, love's here.


Air's light lines life. Between, a mark,
termed along among here is a spot.

and moved-mood, as-has, automatic,
but bent around, held, yielded, acted

on. The door, and leaf-leave to hold a
line is marked, then met, or swept.

Thorough, of regard, the quick airs in,
and light left to & held, along the

air & moving to & to, held sway from a
part or chatter, lined up to sculpture a

post, then up or blue, but not bent
held, to sway outer the line is met

again or held from some distinction of
the way & made into acts one & one

so some naming of parts inside and
Wrapt up like moving like smiling out

thorough unprofound along to reduce
what is too great but become yr name

is mine the same flying to elaborate
the air is cleansed out from their habit

and looped away the substant of the
line light's air like some coming in.


Mark and claim : you are, and, too,
here, to me sent, as one, mix eye.

What stays & says is this becoming.
Air's own meaning told throughout

the same, and won, asleep, to tell
his name even, to ease on down,

and rest, to tell her yes, you are,
and seen, some tells, to keep, one

name spoke out and outer, some
claims are told, along among, we

have these marks made willingly
in some timing, even, and light, too,

to tell, there are names met, and
and marking, too, from the air

let to tell, spoke from some beginning,
then, as we move, mood, next, as.

And hold, become, astir and said, here,
to some beginning, at last, the question

asked, and nouns, specific, rush,
to love, then, and come through.


The swing, not moved through this, as
some distance homes in, & sticks, here.

You are : and to me sent, but one, song,
love's knowing rooted to some words,

and drawn with care, yr face, and seen
touched, as we draw away, & hold:

there is no recollection, this, buy the felt
dream, and though to draw away

we are not afraid, but young, and
full of ignorance. To some doubt,

then, and full of some amazement,
made color & thing by seeing

what we know, and only knowing
the rest as some forgetting, the

first hot flash of registration, and
then on into it, thrust like some

new message, love's eye and song,
where we have come across, here:

and held, too, then, as we are these
things we are all ways so, thus,

and love's name emits us, strong,
particular, fused to light, new.


And holds number & time, the same,
and moves, then, to what is there,

and makes this air resemble, in the
light, seen, to be sure and completed.

but no yielding inactive, yet turned to,
and there we are, play & tune, you

open to me & make your touch, ease,
to see the time go by, and make

some willingness subside to pleasure, as
we are, made, marked, sent between

ourselves, and termed so and so, as a
line, met then dropped, but held,

to ease on in & quickly set to stir
your own, and mine to mark,

a spot, and sight, practiced to the
night's own moving, and set, a

fine time to practice, here, but
overwhelmed by it, laid by, set

astir, and fortunate, the loom, blue
you are, frosted, painted opened,

and the rest rests, subsided, to
these trees along among, this-here.


Line to light, time turns & terms, hold.
aside, she holds, perhaps, and all

that is there is no refusal but time's slow
turning, of being, in phase or not, but

here along among, in this throng, ripe &
centered, which it is, and going on, yes,

and where it is complete, the work, there
is a sending out, where one is, then,

unto the world, and sent by love, and
heard, the heart's sinking and not

absent, either, buy new, and told,
where we are gathered by what

we are, and held to turning by this
living we speak out, spoke, uttered,

out among out, and here, and told
there are no others, but sung, too,

love's name made permanent, you
are : and to me sent, aswim, along,

and one among, un-numbered, in-
cluded by what you are, and here, too.

Line among light, and often, wired, spooled
drilled-out on loco weed, and going.


And on the line, present throughout, is
here and met, open, the eye, to see.

And held, firm, in between, who we
are, along among the rim, & set out,

from willingness regained, thoughtfully, as
some relationship becomes plain, & marked,

a term, light's open line, through the
air, just now underway, or ordinary

first appearance of thought rush to
include, clean, set in, to pleasure,

and set again, in smoke, even, to rise
out & hold, there, calmed, then, as

we glide harmlessly, really, into these
corridors of act, and frame up some

noises, aftersounds, glimmered in and
set, the same, even, to remind

you that you are : and set out here
willingly, to touch again, your con-

fidence, included in the mood, along
among, uprised, wooden, cornering

around to see the end, at last, of
solitude, love's way made & set.


Line to air, holds t he way, and
thorough, too, aligned & centered, here,

all ways, so, to be the thing of life's
own moving, to & to, in your open eye.

and hold, we are cleared throughout
to mark these ways willingly, and made

thorough and new, what choices we are,
at the heart made actual, outer,

and in love's ease, a way to hold here,
as some bending claims us to this

specification and song, how you open
to your self, then, & sing to me, here,

and moved, along, among, to nothing
oblique, but these pleasures, food,

joy, air to be the eye's own name,
and claimed, mine, held to & song,

the error of the way is parting, and
this combine and act rings out new,

we are : and thrust along alone to
gain the craft & mark, hard along

the edges, but light, there, and
driving, driving, driving, come, here.


Marks to term, hold, a time is made,
to turn, & then moved throughout,

line & song, to make these airs
willfully, of color or shaded along

among. Returns, marries, the way, to
see the time between our solitudes

and not as slept, between, her
eyes, a spot, and there, to be

these days to feed foolish times
among our nouns & saying : you are.

and to me sent along among, and
here, to shed these lines & songs,

then, relief at some edges, to lease
to tell, and then willing, marked

along, and heart, to stop to tell,
a word is, and left alone, but

made two to two, and stopped,
then waded out, or left among,

signed, the eagle, the seed, spot,
leaped, the way, and going

to term, to skip, to leaf through,
what is left is there to see.

79 Placid Lake

And held, time and its pressures, along
among, and known, thorough, new

to some driving-out of the eye's pressure.
new to say, here, and wait, there are

no others, and spoke, to tell, here, as,
and met, these lines align the ear,

met, love's name & song, and made to
hold, some way told along the edge &

center, where you are: and then pulsed
through, ease to the eye's mark & claim,

where some holding-out declares the way,
to be specific and held, throughout

the same, then, august declares wire &
mood to word touch long the heart.

thus. And met. To go through & stay,
but then met, asway, or spun, there.

and here. To become these airs
between & such declarations as

meet the time, close to say, this, and
then stopped, but going up, a line,

or what finally proves true, to say,
love, you are, and turned out, here.


Mark and line, time turns out, we
are these elongations of the air,

sought throughout the pair & term.
Hold, no moon signals to cloud

from light's being and name, fired
toward the turn, like life's beginning.

No line ends. Sent away, to hold here,
where we gather and spell, how to

hold along the term, spell & time, a
leap again, the line again, small or

spilled, but tight, away, loosened out
from the bags & parts, loomed into

the air and sounded throughout, after,
left away & child, her plenty, in.

Look. The car's weaving sees the past,
bang & bang, upright, or told, this,

and example me to send, held
tight & bumped through, words as:

you are, and from some time along
among these bears & booms, tosst.

flipped up, a bird, signal to talk,
your whale, stuffed, original.


But slip away, the nose, in as.
The light behaves its ways from

some forms released, his easy talk
limits risk, but descends to easily,

then we clamber clamber, to shut
often away to spoke a wheeled tell:

you are, and the package, heaviness,
worn, or hung around its particular

from some loops regained, rescue, or
dump, which lesson, or obtrude, gray.

Bottle, then stir a lump leaped, as,
and easy tricks repeat, repeat,

the turning has example, the jump
is none, but won or slipped, the pace

tells, where you moved. Along. Among.
and this hearing peals to speak.

Form to follow a form is heard,
and halfway, through, to skip.

but time, turns, out, the name. As.
And no colors from some name,

a squirrel. Knots his tree, & up.
You are: the rest subsides easily.



Arrives, day's. There or left, between,
and sum to tell, here, weigh in.

From the little house, and the floor
opened, there, to retrieve, fog as

water's clinging ear laps-in, to
hold squeaks, thus, as if continue,

and do from the time sent, ear from
moving turns, summer's life, cool,

forms the way, after some pauses
shore along piles looped between

the shore from among pills slept
these loaves feel also parts stop

there lying framed away pole so
comes down & frames long tiles

to sleep awake and force loose
tiles also away into creamed air

the mood's form sees love's game
and pleasure, joined at law, then.

But sounding fine isn't all and goes
to sum the whole into magic, says.

You are, as if to hold but alarmed
to me the me of seeing inside.


Or flames up frames in the sign
your taste to hear, or loops

to sign the chair chair, holds.
Follow along, among this, is.

The best line might fall away,
but leaves me cold, not hungry,

if to use the best removes some
time among the heart's terms,

none : and holds stars yours, away
to time recall'd also alert, his

name of misters cling shiny to grow
the root footed climb shine a law,

his belt & boot, or green shirt, open,
and eyes went to follow, name?

or, yes to send, the color climbs a
mood or master, verb, used, this.

and signed eagle, and children,
the space remains, or yours, too,

the same following, but has separate
to tell love is yours, too, & yours,

to send sell sink but slip surprise,
leaning, a side, or a noun, leaves.


Monday, the planet. The : feels, to,
a slip folds, complete, or heard.

but once made, a way, to hear,
or time's earnest measures, a

vocabulary, only, revolved with
knowing, but skims aside too

easily; on you? Thirsty but calm,
then time's cool chairs told.

Object of love : space to hear, a
planet's Monday along among

plugged in anywhere, or cool, tonite
the rest rests, or did, and

sees the trail a little wet this
morning, and without practice,

speaks. But claim a line inside
the way is yours to live away,

or mine is also time where no
others. Then mess it up, to fool

the color blue is love's same name.
you cleared my hair, from some

living, of blood, kept solid framed
to sing air between time's lights.


Thomas Lowe Taylor -- HOMAGES Book III



Holds along the way, to speak, along
among, and number seen, to yield,

and thorough, to shape, and met, to
some even line, and color, calculate,

the moon, even, and termed away, as a
destiny, spoke to these shallow ears,

his wooden horse, lesson-to, from a
word, flattened out, a noun, and

held-to, spoke at, on the line’s air
and sending-around : you are, &

the air’s own name, as-if, and
won, too the line’s life out, out,

and then held among-along,
the red air bending away,

and then particular, ours, here,
and set out into the air, the

one naming spent out or away,

and told to shim the rib spent
along red tool skip a beat

thorough line like light as turned
and held through yield light

and met mark away to slip


yield along through orange as met
a term turned out and held, energy

is a name, too, and runs away,
you are : and line’s light life

like, thrust a pleasure sun, as joy
and long lines in and in, a

rescued term, his, year, rest, a
way a way, thronged altogether

and harped a moon among, to the
down tempers thronged are tell,

skip meat mean, more neatly, on
the way out or up, told, there

is some song sending, or overt
to move then and there as

is as is, symmetry, the name
of color, to turn out the line

is bent away to tell ‘hold,’
and rest rescue among a

day and time looped to skip
rushed at tell, then skip to,

loom, along the sense, held, a
color, maroon, perhaps yes.

82 I

the rest subsides, like some son, loss
and blue, rising, too, to hear a

name in these alignments, terminal
and gong, the wind’s adventure is

on the lake, really, and I’m around
the corner, lateral, going along

among red corners, lifted toward
some specific sending, the moon’s

own revolutions made into these
relations, but throughout the same,

though one year makes many &
less calligraphy, even, measure the line,

and caries clouds, suddenly, to
the sun’s limit. At the verge, this

is, of the lake, and of the rest.
But if yr welcome, then stay

and rest, it is someplace, then, &
love’s name, your own, rests near

-by, and held, among blue shadows,
where we were, last night, then,

at home. And anyplace the same,
of course, you are : & to me sent.

82.2 II

three, says
and joins along
here, also turns
the orange term

lines a tale, said or spoke, the same.
Hold, a mark, and through, blue,

the hills turn away patch to patch,
yellow gives onto green & water, a

seeing to wood, they are made into
the same saying, here you are : and

said, too, and made a way, through,
these terms, carnival & song, the

pads float upon the water drops
down to ring itself, but made, a

way to or through the heart’s say
-ing here to speak, made among

along, but loafed, a noodle to you,
and song, among dense lines, mark

among song, to say here, or here
and then spoke, his boyish haircut,

but playing it like a man, is his
woman his? But mine is, & here.


wave upon wave, the heart’s anchor
and around, gives, the line, to hold.

He goes around. And thanks, thanks.
Loose to hold, and freed, at last,

from the residues of life, & cleaned
out, to fly out, this is the sending

out, my own, & what goes with me
is remembered, to lie along the way

among these densities, where we
have held ourselves at-bay,

well, then, it’s off, entirely, and

along among these knowings, I
am : and to you sent, set out,

as I am, a voice among the
feathers which have cast loose

around our heads, blown out, a
line from somewhere, at this same

registry & song, along-among, &
at love’s time cast, strewn, or

forged, fired out, thrust, throng,
going through, at, peaked, ridged.



Lines. Here, among my own beginnings,
and blue heat runs an edge away,

where some doing intervenes at will of
love, revolved, we are, vibrating, of.

And in some thinking, too, the head
resounding, radiating the body’s time,

and foremost, the children of love,
to e their own memories, and not

imposed, here, a life at some other
will, but shown, along, among,

self. And met, love’s eye theirs
from time taken out, drilled

out, emptied, that is, and made
certain in their own being, that

they are, and loved, and made
young, they are our loves and

making, always to be these seeds
they are, and made internal

by their seeing, held along the
long way along : and here, they

are, and hear, to come on
in, to play them to our hearts.


makes the way & holds. These are
the claims we make, mark & term.

And spun, along among, and here,
this is our way, and made, here,

to say yield, along, and made to
our terms, love’s name recalls,

we are : and throughout the same
way making us to become this top

line, sentence, placed among the
lines, and stopped, throughout,

and marks the time, open, &
set, if we are strong, then go,

and where the way empties, we
are; : and opened to these send

-ings, marked along the way, here,
to set & stroll, to be these airs

pretending, for a ride, even, or
less, but not afraid, ever, and

made the way one sees, to line
along the way, as one is set,

to & to, but revolved, a row, &
then stops, to lose the time, here.


Goes, the way, is here along a
place or met to us as we are.

Then spun, among along, they are.
And to us sent, wiped clean, to

have the way made plain, but
turns to hold among the air,

mark. And set these terms to
be their songs, mood & move,

to tell there are some acts and
times made simple, cleared, the

term holds its line, too, even &
precise, and what is familiar

is also known, eagle & son, seed
& child, they are the moods.

But skip to hold, then lines
away, to move. You are, and

to me sent, as some singing out,
welcome, and won, the way,

but going, the time, terms aloft,
and hold to yield, but lease

or keep, not to say, but yes &
the openings are made, here.


moves, to hold, time to mark, here,
fluted out, or particles, ahold.

line’s dusk spin, is cool shops.
but spin to hear, here is the way:

gone form shine, loops your eye, love.
And shores : : shapes at.

Leaves these pairs of shapes alone,
then holds to use to, use is at.

Below, to air, then love’s newness,
arrives, throughout, not the same,

to see his question, turned along the
time, marked aside the loop, has

the way met, aloof or lofty, crept
the mood, along-among, the turn

has the way, held at a distance,
you are : and from the earth

seen-sky, or looped along words,
they are : and formed at juncture.

Speed, or arrive. To move breath,
or the way of, marks, again, is,

or the long time, not so even,
but arrived, surely, here, are.


turns to hold, & meets the mark,
away through flutes or doubt,

but makes the term : set, and
go, throughout the same as

time as this turning through, your
name & song, as sent to hold, a

term is set as mark & mark, the
line is formed among, along, as.

Then tell, to be or sing, a way,
then moved, along the long way.

Formed among these densities, to
some registrations forced to tell,

there are some distances, vocable
and renewed, to hold the time,

this and this, marked the term,
line : you are, and lunged among

the children, thrust to her eye,
to say these days and clouds

are even and so : lined to mark,
termed to set, said & spoke, a

tune a term, his voice, his own,
then claimed, a way, my own.


turns, marks. The way, & makes a
line, any place, begins to go, on.

And holds & goes, full. Dense,
or move. The leap to hold, here.

along , among. Rest & send, to:
you are, and in these terms,

among, held, firm we are, term
of our beginning, or being-as.

Edge made, between the run
and pass, held, astir or weld.

Spelled. In time, to send or mark,
the way : is spoke, then, & even,

even so, and the same, here, as.
They are they. Along, too, & sent,

set, mark to term, the mood, as
some airs resemble, & spoke, too.

Leafed. The cool pull, aside or on
has the line, mate, motor, gone.

To slip, or stay on the line, leap,
some stirring, the airs, & hold.

Spoke. You are : along , among, the
way is set, eased, to some time.


Lines to term, asway, astir between
the orange air resembling this

term as light to detail through
the line’s life along, among, a

time to say love’s line among:
term and mark, thus to spoke

the long song tells, to leaf
or going, along the palms, to

ease off the pool, line to dense
mood, but light lifts to see,

and holds to here, as long
and mood, orange again, &

seen in the wood, is light
to tell, a line is made, then

set to hold also between
but laid-to & driven out, a

new time unfolds, to leave the
time beside the way. To.

And then speaks to tell, a
mood or speech, even, &

said, seen. The mark & spot,
lights the post or held. Of.


moves. Holds the terms, closed, or
outer, they are. And made, wave.

Said around, or blue, inside these
marks, along-among, and thrust

to center and mate, of some destiny
or words moved out to speak, a.

alongside the picture, swimming, of:
they are they : you are. And met.

And revolving, these marks, instruct.
and simple terms, “you” or “eye” &

their component associations : laugh.
So some equalizing : red or blue, or

Donkeys crumpled on the pavement, a
Syringe-intent and leaps away,

The center moved from definition
Toward the darkness, lights &

erupts skyward to no picture
but the scheme intended, a

mirror & “too essayistic” holds
this down, & admits, too, to

lessons or triumphs. Ah, yield
the day open her eyes might move.


marks, to move, into among and
silent, colored by these sendings:

between the same, as the day en
-folds toward measure, cloud or

cloud : also the same flat water
and charged throughout, along.

But see, and hold among the
distances of time, we are, to

our allocations of mark & term,
to ease on in to these parts

and pleasures, made so to the
proper meaning of what we

are to some seeing-out, the
long line to, & to, and then

here, detached, colored, formed
to the exact specific of the

mood, and sent, then stopt,
then held throughout the

same and sent around again,
to hold & mark, term &

gong, made to these days
by our children, more & done.


makes the line, holds to turn, out
where we are these acts & terms.

The way. To see through time and
be the things we are, one turning

made simple to color and the moun
-tain, clear, to the edge, throughout

the same : among, along. Then set
to mark and spin, registry & song

and heard, the hard edge yields,
where these acts are made, the

line the same as, the same as, and
moved, across, to speak, then, spoke,

then, even & even so, over the night
or the sun, even, spun across to

say this, and then met, you are:
and then over to tell, we make

these airs resemble, and then hold
to their sending, where we are to

see & turn, mark & song, among
all ways the same motive, along

to the angle & song, the same
word, spoke to see the air, & go.


and marks, to move, around, to turn
and hold, then move, again, a

line to turn & hold, along, among
and holds, to turn around this.

Moves throughout, fluted, overt
distinct, particle & claim, at.

You are, and moved throughout
the same way sending these airs

resemble through doubt to leap
out-leap and smooth to hear.

Then turns, around, turned, as.
Light’s single sense, as seen.

As. Elapsed, or. Blue mountains to
fringe out the rest, and rests.

But slip away, & in, spoke and then
These lines, but held, but looped,

And skips to hold, turn, rest, stop.
The rough red line extends, a

post, a loop, a catalog, effect &
claim, turned around the line,

rest. The openings are made, clear,
are lighted, the sky, held, often.


flash, to send, hold, a place, is.
Set to hold, a mark to ease

the way to move the line around
around. And become this term, as:

you are. The moon’s mood moved,
and slight, the only pears are done.

And then clipped, afar, to loop the
dune astir claimed intent the room,

as termed to lease, forms to shim,
splint or claim, one in the loom a

pool doubled & letters, full to slip
affirmed and pooled, to verb-in, a

loose flap, spent throughout the
same density of leanings, wooden.

The door is made, then clipped, an
Opening, full and sensible, wool.

But watch this lowering, feel around,
and where there are no others, to leave,

they have held off, skimmed back a
single motive, removed, or developed.

No glue, air peals in, the trees
resolve, a house, a day, and raining.


spins, leaps, holds. The way, is.
And set, mark to term, along-among.

But blue noises claim fiercely, the
way is cleared, by moving, and gone.

You are : the moon’s night clear, a
tune, a time’s own resembling,

and spun away, yielded & sun, two
lines grown among, to shore through

-out the same face, but known, as.
Spent, wave, form, color, line, goes.

Line goes spent wave, and clears,
to hold around around, but known.

Alert, to time’s point & term, a
new line drawn out to out, here,

and this, is : afar sending along,
the way, or shore, spun, total.

And dried also the line, to become,
Thorough, interior, but clear, as

These new lines ease on in, and
Hold along the edge, an act.

You are : you. And noon eclipses
doubt, the middle, won, coursed.


lines to turn, here, dips to hold
among the terms, marked along,

throughout the same way taking.
Then to spin, hold, below, as.

Into morning, then, and even, as
color as these terms admit, a

loose pentangle, cantaloupe, along.
Thorough to behold, morning,

and is the same way sending, to
some new airs trembling, astir.

and looped, also, to ledges, behind.
Then skims, the picture is not bent,

and in front, the lines, behind,
the arteries, around and then cup

to lean, boom & song, the roar,
and waved along the moon, he

spins. Loop to hold / there, blue,
and whom sent, a pool, a green

deck the line, to remove, page, a
full house resolves, and see, a

sun, seed, to loom among the
pools, and fish, fishing, finish.


turns to leave, these marks are set,
and full, too, and even, at the

air, set into time as their names
are made, clean & simple, told,

spoke, begun, at line & space, a
moon away, and hung with a

new love, filled like clouds are, at
verge & tenor, at spool & clime,

at word & word, east or new, a
likening of remembrances, a fur

--thering of eases, but spun off &
held, away or done, invisible &

reduced, the way has been made.
He is on the moon or sentence.

It is all the same, there are no
others, and dream-dreamed to

open out to life’s own time &
held, spoke, spun out at time &

line, earnest & new, you are.
And out the day & children,

won among one, lined out to
see, shelled out, named in.


terms, to spin into line, held, a
loop, a noodle, a partition, as.

palms, to dance alert the win
-dow holds to slip among, along.

Then leap, color to time, a dew
a mark, run throughout, then, turn.

The day, a post, then moved, blue,
or manner, or climates, love’s.

You are : another moon decides, at
the back & split, oven, of, the.

Motor to spin, or term aloft, as.
Then, to cover, to, cover, among,

the rooms to clear, to the tunnel.
But squared off, looped around,

and particular economy, door, to
the overt, marked with such a

term. To decide passing among the
doorways painted white, moved

toward morning, a sound sleep,
but energy, rising, from its

repetition, or closed, irony of
love’s being clear, here, listened.


loops a term at “information,” &
love leaps in : thorough & profound,

but aligned, these days & visions, of
child, fire, dog, or cloud-wood,

and all the same feeling, of some
designation of things, an outlaid

and familiar arranging of detail
day into light, and seed=-seen, the

plants drying at the wall, board to
eye or green claims, to term,

along, among, he read the drawing,
or saw, then, what it really is.

And the moon’s half-ness sings true:
you are, and to me sent, dream

spun or outer, but thing and song
at one scale of dimension, and

known, but seed-seen, & who
you are, , we see together, as

one turning is the same through-
out, or color, even, and can

speak for himself, then, and
no temerity gains the act, out.


fires out to change in, leaps to
loop around, and hold the way

in to see these names as said,
and held, line to line, among

works, time to seal & skim off.

Lived. You are. They cool in, and

hold, being there to say they are,
and mark these terms, hold.

Pool to chase, color has they day,
puffed around, then loosed,

The road. Then, open; over the
leaf, fall to term, wood’s wind

un-winding around the sun, and
cool to hear the seeing of it,

named as my own shored out
to tell here and this, alone

among along : and then swept,
a loaf, mood to square and

around, looped to pool, them.
We are. And shared this making

of trails & time. She sleeps, &
moves us on the way. Home.


or moves and makes. Hold, here, as.
The way is set, open, to these acts.

or single alone among, along, blue.
And held to mark, terminal &

Gong, the moon sets, too, & holds
The way, clear, through its

Changes, and clasped, removed, done.
And the way, too, is clear, for

Some beginning. Time & time, they
are not so much ignorant as timid,

and the flesh retreats forward,
song, time, act, how we crawl

forward. Archilochos, and done. A
new day pushed out, to the red

air resembled to the eyes of
dust, picture-drawn, or out, at.

And holds clear, a day would
be new, too, and named, outer.

To be a claim, made, at self
and other, drawn to noises cast.

You are, and here, to last a
mark, a way, and done, formed.


cleared, a term. Swept through,
this journey, and starts here,

to ford the stream or swim away, a
name beheld, his own airs sent.

But crept a view, then claimed,
along, along among, and blue.

You are : which says to be, awake.
And no hesitation to your own

acts, make them perfect, gesture
and song, where they sail around

the edge, marked toward new
duties, joined, fixed, and no line

slips by, marked, a term, his own.
What is undiminished, then, and

even, the will declares, support
of or often, or simply, enough of

her timing to leave; alongside to
term a day here and this, also

new to send in, throughout, to
tell, all ways here the same

way sending out, her birthday
and gone, the road, eye, eye.


holds, to term a line, in. and
shore, to send, spin, sung, in.

there light : to shadow held, the
moon, mark, song, along the
way, to and to, the firm.

Is to mean these realms are, too.

Lined among to yield, firmed, in.
Bent between the light times.

But shift, said, between, air.
And along to tell, held short.

Plunged between airs, the fog, to
make the way clean, marked.

Single is the move, and alert
to the densities, as the air

goes between, rushed, fervor,
made between them, a spot,

to hold the course, is it moon,
and along around, lakewater,

or poles afloat, along along,
and moved, but sharped, also,

line, told airs to fold, held, a
moon, time tells to form out.


or is time’s tenor made so simple?
You are, I see. And turned, mark

And toll, claimed, is a day this? A
Loop or single combat, slipp’t, pear.

Planned to some deposit, loomed, at
the kernel he glooms, but bites, too.

You are, and untranslated, a rope
depends; or ascent lessens grace,

though the mood to move clears drums,
makes them thorough, same, room.

But swim or drink, it passes
into seeming, declares none of,

and love’s light, alone along, and
sent, among. So seen all singles.

Verbed, then catch, over her name.
Would be that, and cool, to speak,

spoke. And comes around the wall,
turned out, glimpsed. And sudden,

a row, room & song, at the hill,
I had you down beneath me,

still you fled, I came after, won,
& left you there, growing, samed..


loops, spins alert, and roams up,
formed along alone among, lived.

The particular distances, recall,
along sentences, climbing the mark

and term, to spend away to go,
told & spoke, then, through some

time turning blue. The way is met,
or open, cleaned or not, but a

clear claim marked also along,
then skips to heave up among, one

is set to and to. But skipped &
held, a line between, is enough.

And known, specific love’s eye
and tone, the songs are open

and below strung shine, to pop
clear and hold to move among

and loop clear to line at tone
or time love’s bearing-out, as.

And learns to light along looms,
carried, ease to tell, and to

it, you are : and more to say.
Rest the line, hold, a mark.


skips, even, to turn, and across
the way, moves in to tell,

here, and this, we are, and
made these days sung to see,

also the same way saying to
come to see, splint and shine,

clasp and glue, moved through
the way to come onto the mark

and time, clean & spun, but
crowing, simple, become and

made, the image or its shallow
faces, and climate across, won

or outer and made into what
we clash out hash in to

some stuttering of distinction,
and made again, distinct,

these blue moves, mode &
claim, mark & term, alone,

along, among, then wrapt
or spilled, energy’s name,

to hold in & stick, crept, out,
the day, labored, won, of.


made, this day, sun of light’s shine
and moved around the sky, up

the air’s open and formed alive
to see some point & line out of

or over the mark, lined outer from
light’s beginning, here and made

firm : you are these moves &
times, to see the line, mark

and term, through the air
settling out from the place

and name of love’s beginning,
thing to thing, and here, to

seem along among, alone, a
way is set upon the course,

to hold, a piece, & spoke, of
light’s flesh, made to hold

and spoke, blue to seem, and
here among here, from the way,

begun, & moved, a part & song,
from the eases, open, and

then termed, here & form, a
way, a long way out, & hold.


and marks, the way, line, turn &
turn, along the long way along,

and out, there, and looped among
these rows & times, spaced out,

then, to loop to sell, hard among
the edges of time, spired, vaulted

to some particular : bent around
the ears, his head’s bent away:

played away, to origins, yr own
in the layers of yr sign; it

carries the way clear to its turn
-ing, loop to loop, but out & out.

If yr way is yr own, it bears
No comment, then, but is seen,

& not no teaching, but exampled
energy, harrumph, loop-loop, the

image is fallen, & left geometry:
ballast & sign, tactics of move-

ment, or here to here, & love’s name
singing : you are. Rest. Arrive,

and find yr name yr own. Out-
leaped and final. Flash & climb.


seen, then, throughout the same way
out to shapes final newness, and

not remembered, blue noses to the
right, and interrupted in its coming,

to push nowhere push’t, altogether
arrived at the sand or sea-edge,

eagle’d over the moon’s own rising,
and covered over with light, leafed

along the way, along, among : you
are, and hard along the edge, a

feather or loop, the same world holds,
spoke, or left alone, telephone.

Grasped, nodule, general of : right.
Moment’s gain, or energy out,

is the matter, of no lag sea to
scene, the same denomination, at.

Body’d eye, or fleshed act, no
simple harmony, but words &

some designation of means, push to
push her on to birth, holding,

spoke, to the new place come, a
cone, line, answering tide, tide, &


Moves, marks. Mood to term, exact.
The day, opens over run still,

and cleans, to hold, or spoke, sum
and claim, along this specific

air & leap, the nose noises out,
and stop : you are, to see &

tell, these eases not new left to
saying east or met, a blue

water or passengers are moved
left and left, to tell out or to:

lined among rows of saying, &
watched, or looped, but rest

rest the long time, and know
her eye sings, dances, time &

life’s lingering light, moves to
tell, or holds : the list. Any-

way at all yours same own name
pulsed or striven, loam & song:

the rest sounds. And rests away,
to the eastern moon, & nothing

persists. Ripe, noon, grown &
told, another loop, to persist.


actual, to occur, along a term,
height to term over and through,

spaced, to color light even & cool
from distance marked even &

seen, to here : you are, and moved
the same way into seeming, at.

Over to time, or inner lines, there
the mark and term, looped,

often or particular, landed, the
night, of the way to here, her

eyes & lines moved to hold, a
word, spoke or critical, his

eyes & lines removed around
the way to hear, inside the

rhythms and delined, opened
love’s name recalls, and moves

her time throughout, energy,
or lost, but then gone, the

night moves away, day, sun,
color’s time again & holds,

spoke, sent or parsed : the
boom & line, continuing.


clear enough, and termed, the
way is moved, among turnings.

Remove to clasp, turn & hold, a
loop, part & claim, you are mark

& song, the mood of time’s own song,
but heard, and over, spoke or won,

but the same way always so, to
speak to see, and sailing among

these densities of act & term, the
time yields away to tell the moon’s

own being, the days are marked out,
sailed out, seen, thorough, aligned,

another mark subsides, and tired,
the ceremonies are observed, & followed,

to the limit and continue, verb to
speech, or chose, the line : alone.

And met, held, termed, outer, the
climate & tone, or opened out from

the craft, here, other, one, the night,
from sleep, around, or backwards

to thrust, or push : home, song
person : and holds away, lights.


clue to ear, remove, sung through
hear the waved mood spot among.

You are, along-along, but made to
others the thing you are. The rope.

Light, away from the causes, to loose or
hope the time turns out, left, ease.

And joined, the time of, here to see
And lease, or make time’s borrowing

to these patterns, bay & home, or the
tree from, water from, and air’s

beginning to single words; rope’s
mark, knot & line, they are they,

and stretched, mood to move, a blue
time looms out, noise to send, color,

and heave throughout the same way
sending : align, term & mark, doubled

from word to tune, and sent among
to hear, but splint, tong, gleam,

and how they part away, roof
to loop, & sent, to live here, a

world begins & acts, there & sent, a
tune, a mood, loafed, starred, on.


lights away as to tell also the
same, to move, and hear the

time slip through, mark the line a
long time went away, some ease

to tell heavy, air as sends, to be
these names also to the mark

as to tell, went all along, and
swept the term, from to time

leaped from time’s single act of
the mood, alone, along, among:

you are, the rest rests. All the
morning handles to some term,

shine to go, the gong is rest as
to tell, went, among, the open

terminal sheds the way, to tell.
Then, the mark to slip away

From these lights, mark & term,
then rest, to some distances,

then, and made, then, of overt
catches, moon & box, rail &

song, the lady drops, a love
lights, yr woman makes it out.


The way is clear. The wild bird
sets, to stir & skim, wet to tell,

and made among the air’s mood,
you are, & time turns, to & to, as:

then among, or voice to voice, spoke
like some resembling, the way.

And then stopt, assert, mark &
claim, the flesh, has the time

or tone told woolenly, catch.
Then turn to move, mark to

tell, the serving of plates, as,
danced-out, held thorough and

particular, from some sending to
mark the way told, and stood

of, fool, and doubled around, too,
with a shadow falling around, to

rest, rests-out, then splint & climb
that’s the sound, sent around,

from fits smoothed along the road
to melt, murk, mark, his name

went, lights home here some
cool room and termed, full, told.


Marks. Turns the way is made.
But we are, and sung along

the way is made to us, to see,
as some term has richness, to

tell along and sent, or here,
then told, to leave these days

but holds to tell, skip, say.
And line among term told, as

the day ensures some saying,
and lines along the way, to

become the term & mark, I am,
and set against the line, one

and one, lived along the term,
told, spoke among, the moon

and told, here. But stay, &
love my love, you are, all

along, among these terms, and
sent, to tell, spoke, heard,

the moon and set, sent, to
share, term & line, move, to

tell, hear & sing, air, mark
set, spell & move, today, today.


Leaves, holds, turn to turn, &
here, all ways these same

times; angle or sign, and then
leapt. A zoo. To many to

hold. You are : along the way,
held, here, to some beginning

of the way. Marks to term,
her eye opened from the

clue or angle, penetrated, or
loop, a leap, a line, and

spent, also left from form
moved around, around, alone.

But among the present, a
line, dismissed, to hear, the

turning, even and renewed, a
gain, but then moved, or

skipt, fool to shim, pool-
out, the motives are pulled.

Hear, them, simpler & sent.
But you are, too, like that.

And love’s new eyes remind,
carried out, a claim or turn


Term, he shaves, or beaches.
And what is local, even to

their densities, would be no line
no other, to wave, or fed.

You, too, are somewhat overt,
where the imagined and its

complement vary. Outer to tell,
space moved, a line, an object,

catch & turn, or some line moved.
Spell to send, a motor home.

Somewhere, new, the same as.
Marked, term to loss, firm.

Then local or beneath or tree.
Word-spoke, a monster’s

ears grown and let, formal &
termed, but new another

day makes or spells, a line,
touch to ease, you name an

edge, or marked, a movie is,
heeling in, sparkling, novice.

The rest continues steady
And your face remains the same


main & sail, and into the rest
simply colored, or complete.

Marked along here, to another
Simple single sentence, said.

Loop to sign, then mark to
Move, alone along among.

And not very interesting : a
sentence. You are : and a

long arrow away between the
stocks around, boxed open

and sent to here, all ways
made into split term & set.

Post. And hard edged, to
here and a color down.

Red or set, box among its
shade cleared toward a

morning angle, of white or
lighted, and begun, with

care, at start & heat, a
simple clarity, decided out

and clamped, or opened, a
leg out, and then hold.


Day or move. The time. Answered
from some ascendance. Blue, and

natural, thorough but familiar,
this matter and term, faint

as the evening, happy to respond,
and afterwards, some heat, to

clear it up, or in : you are, and
from this needling or other, the

clasps are foreign, smoothed, de
-liberate. Cars are answered

out; the Bruno named by them
was no peeling formula of acts.

The way was long along, and
Small terms carry total, aside.

Blow the rest, but hold, the new
idea is careful, here we are,

and left alone, a room, or
two, perhaps to share, the time

is no other meaning but trembled
from some recall of lapses, and

set or sent, among, then, and
reminded of the rest, clear.


the line, or turn, manifest to
these particles, claimed toward

the time of the line, throughout
around to hold through the

pool & claim. Mark. The turn
holds, along the way, and said.

Then pool to shed, or clasp,
at, juncture, limed, & formed.

Fish to send. But loose, then
split, sharp, clue or flap.

Leaped or whispered, clean to
sharp, then split around,

again the same and moved up
along the way, among among:

you are, and turned, throughout
the line and stopt, word, are.

But tense too, and spent, a
move along love’s mood & time,

and seem the spot, eye, eye,
and then held alone, you

made the heart & sing, here,
blue & moved, word, arrived.


shine to mark, a way along, to
hold and spoke, affirmed.

Then, turned, you are, align &
spin, sent throughout the time.

Shoot, curl, loop, mood to
tune, or spent, moved along.

Held away, and, drawn in,
sell or tomb, rescue candle,

ally, eye to eye, and hears.
or hold. The marriage, lesson.

And love’s name begins, tear.
The way or sung, turned.

The ropes are lines, spun
and roof, doubled, hurry.

Loop and song and arrow.
The temple, remembered, then.

Or held. Mark & line, along,
among, the way is new,

clued by time, marked to turn,
skipped or timed, between

the day and history, but thinks,
then goes, red to tell, yes, eye.


Leafed, away, am. There &
sent, set, one at one, the

rest subsides, and turned out,
then, the rest, rests, goes on.

But held away, and set-to,
the time of the heart’s render

-ing; mood move timed out set,
the moon. And well upon the

sea : mark & term, among, among.
And held throughout the same,

black and blue, his hair array &
turned, along, alone, among :

love’s duties remind, rewind to

skip and turn, and looped, also

there and set, nosed up, her
hair also in the way, or open.

Time to touch, again, and moved
along the side, sighted, the line

which moon, and sung, the time
is also right, or right : eye.

You are, and set, love’s name.


we are, the same, night surrounds
and claims to tell, hold, hold,

and carries us along the way, to
charge & song, out-lasting us, even

and profound, noise to song, water
and water, besides the small, &

line along among the way, this to
line and spend away to hold,

mood. Mark. Hold the line to
some distinctness, split or term.

And then, holds to some distance,
from light’s away these parks

of stone & clouds are wrapt to
their distance along the time of

or spilt throughout, line & term,
but loops away, food, the

line, holds, again we are, & come
around, night’s way again, to

be complete, or held, or meant,
then, to settle down, to spoke

the charge, or wheeled systems,
around, and water, we are, as.


And spill, or finish, these hours, of.
The moon’s sail of clamor, ends.

But light fills the span. Hold, sway.
The pears are filled, also, ran, to.

And love’s clear name has your
time, too, and even it is, spun out

from every claim & term, and
the rule, alone-along-among, it

evaporates, steamily, ocean edge of
waved sound and stems to the

term & sound, approached, heard,
spoke. Gong. Flash & recall,

eagle’s tunes are solid, new,
result of outwon time reversed,

& the whole color, blue & blue,
they meet through the air

& hold away, light’s time out :
you are, and said again

the same, and one in one the
rest, all ways, resting aside &

firm, or joyous, solid, throughout
my name, eye to eye & gone.


The line ends & holds, throughout and
simple, these excursions of time.

And dove, then, to the time & sent,
but held and new, waited, turned.

The day is started, home & term, a
Day is new and met. But time.

And the mood, you are, stopt, a
long way and gone, we have.

Along among, and rolling, the waves
Have come onto the wall, held &

skipt, but new or mooned, a
red a door, but goes, to

her eye, lip. The force of love’s
timing does not go unnoticed.

Push the heart through. This
sameness is its color & name.

But move a short lapse of days,
skimmed among the weeds, a

craft or sailing of ships and
then the moon, clipped to

the tail, yr face, ship-in, the
door is opened, sailed, toucht.